Baek Ji-yoon "I thought Kim Tae-seok was a lover, but he wasn't"
Baek Ji-yoon "I thought Kim Tae-seok was a lover, but he wasn't"
Baek Ji-yoon reveals that she thought her ballerino boyfriend Kim Tae-seok was a lover.

In the 4th episode of tvN's '290 Million', which airs on the 23rd, the women's outing and the camp where only the men are left are broadcast live through CCTV, and couples in crisis are born one after another.

The remaining male contestants in the dorm where the female contestants have disappeared generously reveal their inner thoughts that have not been revealed so far, making everyone dizzy. Choi Soo-young, who was watching the VCR, is embarrassed, saying, "The liver has come out of the stomach." Jang Seong-gyu waved his hands and said, "You have to keep your mouth shut" and "Absolutely not."

Bae Min-ki, unaware that his girlfriend is watching him live, reveals Park A-ryun's private life, saying, "A-Ryeon has many male friends. There are too many." Then, he revealed the moment when he was overcome with jealousy, saying, "The two people who drank all night broke up and interlocked their hands," making Park A-ryun's face hard.

Bae Min-ki and the male contestants end up having a snack with alcohol while arguing about the acceptable level of hand clapping by male friends. The female participants who watched this said, "I can't clap my hands either." However, Ah-ryun Park said, “The jealousy of a younger man is cute,” and tried to smile.

The revelation that followed was ballerino Kim Tae-seok. Kim Tae-seok, without even dreaming that his girlfriend Baek Ji-yoon is concentrating, makes Baek Ji-yoon's face cool by confessing, "There are times when I intentionally receive late messages from my girlfriend." When Kim Tae-seok, who once opened the source of the revelation, continued to expose with increasing intensity, Baek Ji-yoon, with a white face, said, "Oppa, how are you going to see me later?"

In addition, Baek Ji-yoon is seen reciting, "I can't forget the word 'on purpose'. Why don't you stop? Not only that, but Baek Ji-yoon confessed, "I thought my boyfriend was a lover and came here. But he wasn't", raising questions about whether these couples will be safe in the future.

Jang Seong-gyu, who was watching this in the studio, couldn't contain his astonishment, saying, "It's more dangerous than a lie detector," and makes his ears perk up to the camp's situation, which is more dangerous than ever.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google