Lee Jun-ho caught dating Lim Yoon-ah
Lee Jun-ho caught dating Lim Yoon-ah
Group 2PM member and actor Lee Jun-ho is making everyone's heart beat.

In the 11th episode of JTBC's Saturday and Sunday drama 'King the Land', which aired on the 22nd, Ku-gu (played by Lee Jun-ho) successfully completed the King Hotel's 100th anniversary event, which was the first time he had been in charge after becoming the general manager, and verified his ability, work, love, and personality as the general manager of confidence. born again

Despite the concerns of the people around them, Guwon boldly broke the customs and drew admiration with the composition that reminded us of the history of the 100th anniversary of the King Hotel. In particular, the charisma of filling a large stage alone made even the viewers fall in love. Guo-won, who clearly proved his qualities as the head of the headquarters, gained admiration by driving momentum and laying the groundwork to become the true owner of the King Hotel.

Not only that, but salvation has always revealed the aspect of the Wannabe general manager who thinks of employees first rather than profits. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the King Hotel, while trying to give the employees what they really want, warmly encouraging the employees who have worked hard, invigorating the desolate company life. In the meantime, after hearing, seeing, and experiencing the hard work of the employees, he set the direction of management and declared it in front of everyone. The appearance of salvation was reassuring.

Even though he was busy with the event, Guo-won worked at Kingdom Land to see the face of Cheon-rang (played by Im Yoon-ah) one more time, and continued their love affair in the company after work together. After being invited to Cheonrang's house, the expression that couldn't control the joy, the sweet nickname "baby", and the kind eyes of Salvation, who was honest about his current feelings, aroused excitement. In addition, while on the trip, she created a sense of warmth by buying presents from her grandmother Cha Soon-hee (played by Kim Yeong-ok) and her friends.

In this way, salvation in 'King the Land' captures work and love at the same time, while taking care of the hotel's profits, while caring for the hearts of the employees, announcing the birth of a complete general manager that has never been seen before. This growth of salvation was realized through detailed acting by Lee Jun-ho, who freely moves between romance, comedy, and seriousness. He thoroughly analyzed the personality of the character that was not included in the dialogue, and implemented it into reality, adding his own original details to the scene.

Among them, Lee Jun-ho's eyes, which have various temperatures depending on the situation, expressed the sincerity of salvation to do the best in everything and increased the sense of immersion. As there are many colorful stories left in the future, Lee Jun-ho plans to shine a ray of salvation in the hearts of viewers on weekend nights by performing passionately in every scene like a salvation character who sincerely engages in work and love.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google