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Oh Eun-young "I hope this solution is not an illusion
Oh Eun-young "I hope this solution is not an illusion
Oh Eun-young, a specialist in psychiatry, expressed regret that 'My little boy like gold' was pointed out as the cause of the fall in teaching authority. He hoped that the arrow would not return to the parents and children, saying, "'Golden Side' is a program aimed at delivering hope, not creating illusions."

On the 25th, Ten Asia visited Oh Eun-young Academy located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul and was able to meet Dr. Oh Eun-young with difficulty. Dr. Oh was heartbroken over the recent fall in teaching power due to the death and assault of an elementary school teacher, and tried to correct the misunderstanding about accountability.

“Teachers and parents are not objects of confrontation. It is a relationship in which we discuss and cooperate together to raise children well. I have always emphasized this too. I know that."

Dr. Oh Eun-young expressed regret that it was pointed out as a program that creates 'fantasy', as if 'my golden boy' could solve children's problems that cannot be solved through several rounds of counseling or education. He said, "'Golden Side' is not a human modification program. It is not 'a child who was like this has changed like this', but parents who have lost their way to parenting disclose the problem, discuss the cause and reason of the problem together, and discuss the future direction of parenting. It is a storytelling program. It helps parents take the first step in opening the door of hard work.”

"If a child changes little by little through the process of effort, it is not a fantasy, but a hope." I want it. Wouldn't it be very sad if you thought that I was a child with no potential from birth?"

Dr. Oh Eun-young also emphasized that children's solutions cannot be solved with only short-term counseling and education. He said, "Even on the 'golden side', I tell you to see a specialist if you need medication, and if you're already seeing one, ask me to see you constantly. If you need hospitalization, I constantly tell you to be hospitalized. I say mine. I never said it would get better with one or two treatments, and I don't think so. That's impossible."

"'Golden Side' is a program that provides direction, not treatment. People say, 'The modification didn't work' or 'The solution failed' after watching the broadcast, but this program doesn't divide it into failure and success. I know that there are various aspects. I want you to know that the purpose is to find out together."

Above all, Dr. Oh Eun-young expressed concern about the arrow going back to the 'golden teeth' due to this problem. He said, “Gold teeth do not mean ‘gold or jade’ as commonly thought. At some point, ‘gold teeth’ came to be used as a pronoun for older children. It means that everyone is precious regardless of race, gender, etc. It is a precious person, so we put it in the sense that we should discuss it and raise it. As many parents come out with courage, it also means to avoid mentioning their real names and to protect their children.” Explained.

He continued, "When I said 'golden side', they thought these children were too serious. There were also many worrisome reactions toward the children. It was heartbreaking that the efforts of the parents who appeared with sincerity to raise their children well were denied. We have to discuss how to raise children well, but I am concerned that fewer people will be able to show courage.”

Dr. Oh Eun-young also explained the phrase 'Let's understand (the child)', which she often uses. He said, “It means to recognize the child, to recognize the parents themselves, and to know the difficulties of the child. It means to find out the reasons from various angles, and through this process, parents also become aware of their own problems, and learn that there is a direction like this. It is absolutely not that we should listen to everything and allow everything.”

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