Lee Jung-hyun, first public appearance of daughter who looks just like her husband
Lee Jung-hyun, first public appearance of daughter who looks just like her husband
Actor Lee Jung-hyun's 12-month-old daughter Seo-ah will be revealed for the first time on the air.

In the entertainment show 'Pyeonstorang' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeonstorang'), which will be broadcast on the 4th, the appearance of Lee Jung-hyun, a mother full of happiness due to her 12-month-old daughter Seo-ah, will be revealed. It is known that 'Pyeonstorang' turns upside down with the appearance of the cutie and the strongest purebred Seo-ah, adding to the curiosity and anticipation.

In the VCR that will be released on this day, Lee Jung-hyun starts his day busily from 7 in the morning. He made healthy soymilk by grinding boiled soybeans for his daughter Seo-ah. At this time, Lee Jung-hyun's husband wakes up and brings his daughter, Seo-ah, to the living room. Seeing his lovely daughter, Seo-ah, Lee Jung-hyeon shouts “Good morning” in a high-pitched dolphin voice and blows hearts. Seo-ah laughs with a smile at her mother's affectionate expression full of love.

When Seo-ah, who has cute cheeks, appears on the VCR, the 'Pyeonstorang' family, including Ryu Soo-young, Park Soo-hong, chef Lee Yeon-bok, and Boom, all stand up from their seats. I wanted to see Seo-ah from up close. Park Soo-hong said, “Oh! It’s a doll,” and MC Boom exclaims, “I want to touch his cheek just once.”

Above all, Seo-ah attracts attention with her dad and Taiyaki appearance. Even when her father is feeding her, she steals attention with her decalcomani-like appearance, prompting people to say, “How are you so similar to my father?” Lee Jung-hyun said, “I don’t cry well. His quiet and mild personality seems to resemble his father,” adding that his personality also resembles his father.

Even when Seo-ah wakes up alone in the morning, she is captured sitting alone reading a book without fussing or crying even though no one is in the room. Seeing Seo-ah reading a book as if reading the morning newspaper, the 'Pyeonstorang' family petted her, saying, "She's really gentle" and "I would raise 10 children like that."

On this day's broadcast, a baby table full of sincerity and baby seasoning recipes made by Lee Jung-hyun for such lovely Seo-ah are expected to be revealed. The happy daily life of the Lee Jung-hyun family, including the energetic hot-blooded mother Lee Jung-hyun, the affectionate husband, and the strongest pure-bred daughter Seo-ah, who resembles her father, can be seen in 'New Release Fun-Staurant', which airs at 8:30 pm on the same day.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia youyou@tenasia.co.kr
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