Seong-Woo Hong said that masculinity can be judged by the size of the nose and the length of the fingers
Seong-Woo Hong said that masculinity can be judged by the size of the nose and the length of the fingers
ENA·SBS Plus 'Real Lawmance', 'three-house living' trash husband who abandoned his wife's wife and 'less fallen' husband caught in the trap of body cam phishing, viewers with the appearance of husbands beyond imagination made me hold back.

In the 'Sweet Man and Woman' broadcasted on the 1st, Hong Seong-woo, aka 'Crooked', a urinary medicine specialist, appeared and gave a candid talk about male vitality and marital relationships. When Kim Joon-hyun asked, "Can you judge a man's vitality only with his face, expression, and voice?" Hong Seong-woo answered, "Above 70 to 80 percent is correct. You can tell by the size of your nose and the length of your fingers."

After checking the finger lengths of Kim Joon-hyeon and Kim Yong-myeong, Hong Seong-woo diagnosed the sweet pumpkin 'twisted' to Kim Yong-myeong, saying, "A friend like that (the index finger is longer than the ring finger) is usually bad." In response, Kim Yong-myeong exclaimed, "I'm giving birth to that child well!" Lee Ji-hyun burst into laughter by replying, "That's the end of it." Hong Seong-woo gave a clear answer about male vitality, saying, "The shorter the index finger is, the more likely it is to have good vitality due to the influence of male hormones in the fetus."

The first story, 'Dangerous Wives', was a story of a man living in three houses, 'the very end', which caused viewers to 'bloody'. Regarding the story of a garbage husband who had a de facto marriage for 10 years with his first love, a college classmate, who had an out-of-wedlock, and had three women, including a prospective bride appointed by the family, Kim Yong-myeong said, "If you have 3 wives, you have to triple the marital relationship." Isn't it?" He said with a laugh. In response, Hong Seong-woo denied the 'floating tide', saying, "You shouldn't think of the quantity together. When you drive it, you use it and distribute it well. There can never be a 'law of conservation of energy'."

When a hair brawl broke out between a woman living with a man for 10 years, a mother of a child, and a prospective bride, all eyes were on who the real wife could be legally recognized. Regarding this, lawyer Lee Sang-joon, who specializes in divorce cases, made a legal judgment saying, “The more cheating partners, the more complicated the legal relationship. In addition, it presented additional legal grounds, saying, "For de facto marriage to be recognized, the parties must have an intention to marry, and there must be an external reality of marriage, such as a wedding ceremony, title, or participation in congratulations or condolences."

The second story, 'Husband's private life', was shocked by the story of a wife whose mentality collapsed due to her husband caught in a body cam phishing trap. The husband, who happened to have a conversation with a strange woman through an SNS DM that flew in accidentally, exchanged photos and videos of '19 gold' and even made an obscene video call. In the end, the husband was threatened by a member of the organization who would distribute the video if he did not send money, and the wife came to ask for a divorce due to the trauma of this.

After watching the drama, Kim Ji-min exclaimed, "What is the psychology of showing a naked body to a woman he has never actually met through just a few video calls?" When a heated battle broke out whether the spouse who exchanged body cams should be considered an affair, Lee Ji-hyun said, "It is not necessary to have a physical relationship to establish a divorce. A divorce can be established only by a mental affair." emitted

Son Jeong-hye, a lawyer specializing in housekeeping, said, "There are actually 120,000 subscribers to the body cam phishing victim cafe, and the number of victims is staggering when including unreported cases." In addition, it added to the shock by revealing that "half of the subscribers of the victim's cafe are teenagers." Regarding whether a divorce is established with the husband, who is a victim of body cam phishing, "Even if there is no sexual union, a conversation based on sexual activity is recognized as an unfaithful act with another member of the opposite sex." judged that He also raised awareness, saying, "From the beginning, conversations or video exchanges with unidentified people should be prohibited."

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google