How was the first kiss between Jong-seo Jeon, Moo-yeol Kim, and Chang-wook Ji?
How was the first kiss between Jong-seo Jeon, Moo-yeol Kim, and Chang-wook Ji?
Teabing original series 'Queen Wu' script reading site was revealed.

On August 1st, Teabing unveiled the script reading site of 'Queen Wu'. 'Queen Woo' is a chase action historical drama in which Queen Woo, who became the target of five tribes trying to seize power and princes who are aiming for the throne due to the sudden death of the king, struggles to establish a new king within 24 hours.

Jong-seo Jeon, Moo-yeol Kim, Chang-wook Ji, Yoo-mi Jung, Soo-hyeok Lee, Ji-hwan Park, Bae-soo Jeon, Han-cheol Jo, Do-yoon Kim, Hae-woo Lee, Young-seok Kang, Jae-gwang Jeong, Jae-rim Song, and Bo-kyung Park will draw a 24-hour chase for the throne. As they started filming for the first time on this day, they are more curious about the 'Queen Wu' they will create, and the news of the script reading site is arousing interest.

At the scene of the script reading, director Jeong Se-gyo, who was in charge of directing, and writer Lee Byeong-hak, who was in charge of writing, and the main characters who would lead the work were seated. As soon as the script reading began, they deeply immersed themselves in the characters and opened the beginning of the chase.

Jeon Jong-seo completed the dignity of the queen Woo-hee, a queen of Goguryeo with beauty and intelligence, and the dignity of a queen who is not shaken by threats with a clear and powerful voice. Kim Moo-yeol, who plays the role of Eulpa-so, the national statue of Goguryeo, kept the tone of a resourceful character by skillfully controlling the level. Ji Chang-wook's heavy voice, who plays the role of Nam-mu Go, the king of Goguryeo, turned the script reading scene into the middle of a battlefield.

Jung Yoo-mi as Woo-hee's older sister and mother-in-law Woo-soon, and Lee Soo-hyeok as Ko Bal-gi, a candidate for succession to the throne, heightened the atmosphere of the fast-paced chase with stable acting. On top of that, Park Ji-hwan, who plays Mugol, Daemodal (captain) of Wangdang, created a lively feeling as if watching an action scene with just his lines.

Along with the six actors, the actors who will complete the worldview of 'Queen Wu' also stood out. Jeon Bae-soo and Cho Han-cheol took on the role of Woo-so and Woo-do, the heads of the Woo family, the family of Queen Woo-hee, adding immersion to the struggle to keep power. Kim Do-yoon played the role of Song Woo, the closest aide to the king, arousing curiosity in each line.

Lee Hae-woo (played by Mochi) worked with Park Ji-hwan as a member of Wangdang, and the strong voices of Kang Young-seok (played by Ko Yeon-woo) and Jeong Jae-gwang (played by Go Gye-su), who were in charge of the Goguryeo princes, also caught attention. Song Jae-rim and Park Bo-kyung infused new tension into the chase with the fuel economy of the dethroned prince Go Pae-eui and Jol-bon's attempt to destroy the royal family of the Go family.

The actors showed off their excellent acting skills by digesting various characters with their own desires and goals in their own colors and bringing out the taste of their lines. In the limited time of only one day, the sense of speed of the meticulous chase as well as the intertwined relationships aroused interest in the work.

The production team of 'Queen Wu', who started filming in earnest, said, "I felt that all the actors' breathing was already completed from the first meeting. It's almost like the characters in the script have come out of reality." I hope Boone will finish safely without getting hurt. Please look forward to it."

'Queen Wu' will be released for the first time on TVing in 2024. It will be released globally through Paramount+ and will create a K-content sensation.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google