Director Kim Seong-geun returns 70% against Busan High School?
Director Kim Seong-geun returns 70% against Busan High School?
The strongest Monsters manager Kim Seong-geun is in trouble with two tasks: escaping from a losing streak and recovering a 70% win rate.

In the 51st episode of JTBC's 'Strongest Baseball', which airs on the 31st, the first match of this season between the strongest Monsters and Busan High School will take place.

The strongest monsters lost to Chungam High School in the second game last time, and their win rate fell to 60%. Manager Kim Seong-geun falls into deep trouble as he tries to create a winning lineup to escape the losing streak and recover the 70% win rate. They even ask the production team for extra time.

The strongest Monsters won both games against Busan High School last year. But this year's Busan High School is different. This is because, as well as winning the 2023 Golden Lion, it is in a state of high momentum by running a whopping 17 consecutive wins. In particular, coach Park Gye-won of Busan High School said that most of the starting members who went to the finals of the Golden Lion in this game will participate.

It is only natural that head coach Kim Seong-geun's worries are getting longer ahead of the match against Busan High School, which has the best power. He picks up a pen and completes the lineup for the Busan High School game in about an hour. I wonder who will be named in the lineup completed after long consideration, and who will be the starting pitcher who will put the bats of batters at Busan High to rest.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia
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