Lee Jun-ho, King filled with details on weekend nights
Lee Jun-ho, King filled with details on weekend nights
Group 2PM member and actor Lee Jun-ho is adding a sense of immersion through acting assimilated into the character.

In the 14th episode of JTBC's Saturday drama 'King the Land', which aired on the 30th, Ku-gu (played by Lee Jun-ho) faced a storm of emotions as he reunited with his mother, Han Mi-so, whom he had lost because the person he liked had suddenly disappeared. The emotions of the character gradually maturing amidst the constant rushing incidents instilled a sense of depth through Lee Jun-ho's fine adjustment of pace.

Gu-won in 'King the Land' started worrying about the safety of Cheon-rang (played by Im Yoon-ah) as soon as he checked the article that turned the hotel upside down. I don't care what happens, so I asked her to keep the other person from being revealed, but as soon as her identity was revealed to the world, the situation grew out of control.

In the end, Guo-won set out to protect Angelang himself. Before going on a business trip abroad, I rented an entire amusement park for my lover, who must have suffered through a series of incidents, and had a private time just the two of us. He planted love and trust every moment by saying that he would give up his business trip and come running with just one phone call. The affectionate eyes toward the other person combined with Lee Jun-ho's unique friendly energy, making the heart beat.

The peace maintained in jeopardy by these efforts was shattered when Gu-won, who returned from a business trip, learned of the news of Cheon-rang's demotion. The fake smile of the employee who answered like a machine reminded me of my childhood trauma, but I did not avoid salvation anymore. Contrary to his promise to protect him no matter what, the feeling of helplessness at not doing anything spurred his seat as if he would explode at any moment.

However, the voice of someone calling him caught the ankle of salvation at once. Gu-gu recognized the face of the separated mother at once, and revealed complex and subtle emotions burning fiercely, making the viewers feel sorry for them. A variety of emotions, such as the desire to protect the person you love, the longing for the mother who thought it was organized but not easily forgotten, and the anger caused by the interruption of the family who crossed the line, etc.

In response, Lee Jun-ho presented an acting that could focus on and sympathize with the character by unraveling the amplitude of the salvation character's emotions, which rises and falls depending on the situation, from excitement, charisma, and affection. As soon as he recognized his mother's voice, the moment emotions dominated reason was expressed with reddened eyes and disoriented eyes, tightening the tension. With only two episodes left until the end of 'King the Land', Lee Jun-ho will make it impossible to take his eyes off Guo-soo until the end with solid acting.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr
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