Kim Min-gyeong defeated Lee Jang-gun
Kim Min-gyeong defeated Lee Jang-gun
'Things to use' Kim Min-kyung showed off her thigh strength.

In the 5th episode of AXN·Kstar·MBC Everyone's entertainment program 'Things to use: S-class physical challenge 100' (hereinafter referred to as 'Things to use body'), which aired at 8:00 pm on the 28th (Friday), with the theme of propulsion and repulsive power, people exceeded human limits. An extraordinary mission unfolded.

The broadcast on this day was decorated with a summer vacation package special. The blood-splattering challenge against the background of the Bukhangang River gave viewers cool fun. In particular, on this day's broadcast, Kabaddi star Lee Jang-gun and the Dragon Boat national team sortie, and Kim Min-kyung, Cho Jin-hyung, Ma Seon-ho, Nam Kyung-jin, and Jang Eun-sil jumped into the greatest challenge ever. It was the largest scale with the largest number of people ever.

Kim Min-kyung performed a creepy performance. Defeating General Lee, the world class Kabaddi, with one thigh. Lee Jang-gun also garnered attention with a video of him breaking a watermelon with his thigh. As a guest welcome test, Kim Min-kyung and Lee Jang-gun's thigh wrestling was concluded. General Lee struggled to the extent that the veins stood on his face, but Kim Min-gyeong's strength gradually widened his thighs. The surprised members eventually abruptly stopped the game in order to protect the players (?), causing laughter. After a fierce confrontation, General Lee made us guess the strength of Kim Min-gyeong's thighs, who had been ignoring them for walking erratically.

Above all, the mission on this day drew attention by boasting a tremendous level of difficulty enough for the members to perform body jokes. From the boat tug-of-war, which is a team division mission, it was not easy. A mission in which you have to hold on by mobilizing all your muscles to pull the tensioned line the moment the boat generates momentum. The members went on a mission confidently, but from the first hitter, Jo Jin-hyung, they couldn't even use their strength properly and fell into the water, surprising viewers. Nam Kyung-jin and Lee Jang-gun exploded with body gags and lost in a confrontation with a boat, causing laughter. In the meantime, Ma Seon-ho was surprised to succeed in holding out for up to 48 seconds.

In the teamwork preemption mission, the Dragon Boat team scrambled, and the first team match on the air was held. First, the huge obstacle race on the water made viewers' mouths wide open. The members started an ambitious confrontation with the Dragon Boat national team, and the result was the victory of the national team.

The members were embarrassed by the mission of higher difficulty than expected, such as slipping and falling into the water during the race and performing body jokes. On the other hand, the national team ran the race at great speed, causing goosebumps. As a penalty for defeat, the members boarded a zombie boat running on the Bukhan River. The boat sailed on the Bukhan River at a speed that made even the 130kg Jo Jin-hyeong flutter, making the home a vacation spot in an instant.

In the trailer released next week, the long-awaited dragon boat pushing grand mission was captured, raising expectations. 'Things to Use', which presents legend laughter and surprises with challenges that exceed human limits in each episode, visits viewers every Friday at 8:00 pm through AXN, Kstar, and MBC Every1.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia translated by google