[Comprehensive] Confession of Oh My Girl's Mimi "Profit minus for 8 years... building accident"
[Comprehensive] Confession of Oh My Girl's Mimi "Profit minus for 8 years... building accident"
Oh My Girl's Mimi honestly confessed about her income.

On the 27th, a video titled 'My Girl Mimi, a stranger who achieved the Korean dream despite going to a language school' was uploaded on the YouTube channel 'Noppakku Tak Jaehun'.

In the released video, Tak Jae-hoon asked Mimi, “They say that nationality is misunderstood, but which country is misunderstood?” When Mimi said, "It's mainly Vietnam," Tak Jae-hun said, "I'm like a tribe."

Tak Jae-hoon asked, "At first, when I was recruited by Nopaku, they said they wouldn't come, but 'Geo Arcade' went right away." Mimi explained, "Of course. This worked well in the district arcade, so I was able to enter Nopaku."

Shin Gyu-jin said, “Still, this person is ranked 12th in girl group reputation.” Tak Jae-hoon said, "It's outside the top 10," and Mimi said, "It was outside the top 100 in the past," drawing laughter.

We also talked about the group. Mimi said, "Oh My Girl needs change. How long will they remain innocent? Some of the members are in their 30s, and they are all in their late 20s. How long will they remain fairy and innocent?"

Tak Jae-hoon mentioned Mimi's YouTube 'Meme PD'. He asked, "There are 440,000 subscribers. Do you edit yourself? Do you eat all the profits yourself?"

Mimi said, "I do all the editing myself. I eat all the profits myself. It's because I'm not getting any help from the company. Now that the scale has grown a little, I've made a team with a crew."

He continued, "The members have made a lot of money. Now, I am earning in 8 years. It has been minus-minus for 8 years. I am earning now."

Regarding financial technology, he said, "I do gold tech. I buy gold. I also like real estate. But I don't own real estate. I'm trying to have it. I want to buy a building and live there."

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google