Mimi's body staggered by dynamite explosion "Feels like being hit by a blast"
Mimi's body staggered by dynamite explosion "Feels like being hit by a blast"
Season 1 of SBS 'No Entry to Personnel Only' concluded season 1 with the final record of the Hwasun Mining Office, which was officially closed in June of this year and has become a place where even officials cannot enter.

In the 9th episode of SBS' 'No Entry to Personnel,' which aired on the 27th, it was depicted visiting the Hwasun Mining Office, which was Korea's No. 1 coal mine and officially closed last June after 118 years of mining history, just before the mine was closed.

Highlight Yoon Doo-joon, who was a special guest with Kim Jong-guk, Yang Se-hyung, and Mimi on this day, visited the Hwasun Mining Office, which has a history of 118 years of coal mining, and went to the finish line with the actual miners, experiencing the tremendous intensity of the miners' work. Yoon Doo-joon, who was in charge of the double safety officer position, said to Kim Jong-guk, Yang Se-hyung, and Mimi, who were riding in a car that was moving to the end, "If you expose your body outside the car, your body can be damaged. If you stand up, your upper body can be damaged. Never turn around. Don't look at it", conveying the safety rules and announcing the live situation of the underworld where even a single mistake can lead to a fatal accident.

Following this, Kim Jong-guk and Yoon Doo-joon were assigned to the chae-joon task of paving the way for coal mining, and Yang Se-hyung and Mimi were assigned to the cave work, which means full-scale coal mining, and experienced the actual dynamite explosion. Among them, Mimi was able to have a rare experience of blasting dynamite. As a result, she became the protagonist of the historical title of the first female miner to enter the final stage in the history of coal mines in Korea for 118 years and the first female miner to press the blast button. In addition, Yang Se-hyeong and Mimi shared their vivid impressions to viewers by revealing, "I felt like I was hit by a blast. My body was staggered (by the shock of the blast)" after the blast. Kim Jong-kook and Yoon Doo-joon were also amazed at the dynamite explosion they were experiencing for the first time, while sticking out their tongues at the dark, humid and hot working environment with less oxygen compared to the outside.

In response, Byeong-il Moon, a miner at the Hwasun Mining Office, confessed the hard working environment of the coal mine, saying, "I carry three basic sets of work clothes." In addition, Seonghwan Lee said, "At first, it was difficult and scary to come down the tunnel pit. It felt like being sucked into the throat of a snake." It was revealed that there were more than 200 people who lost their jobs three years ago, adding to the sadness.

Not only that, but Lim Yong-gwi also expressed his grievance, "It's hard to get rid of the charcoal powder. There are many cases where the charcoal comes out of the eyes. According to seniors, they say black things come out of the body for about three years after retirement." However, the miners always drew attention with a smile despite the hard work, saying, "The work itself is difficult, so you shouldn't worry. There was a senior who called 'Taeyang'. We always carry one big sun with us."

The MCs, who were having lunch together with the miners in the lounge prepared on one side of the shaft, could not hide their surprise when they first heard that the Hwasun Mining Office would be closed at the end of June. In addition, he expressed regretful sympathy for the story of the miners that there was no countermeasures after the abandoned mine, and he paid homage to the miners who, despite their sad and sad hearts, abandoned their thoughts in the tunnel and did their best to fulfill their duties. Furthermore, the MCs said, "You four are the last new recruits at our Hwasun Mining Plant. You will never be forgotten."

Yang Se-hyung and Mimi went to the factory, where coal for shipment was made and the only female employee worked, to share the grievances of the employees in charge, while Kim Jong-guk and Yoon Doo-joon completed the finishing work at the teabling room where the coal-loaded wagon was moved. In addition, Kim Jong-guk and Yoon Doo-joon met Dong-wook Kim, a 31-year-old miner in charge of the safety of Hwasun Mining Plant, and heard about how they felt about losing the place they had dedicated their lives to in an instant. Kim Dong-wook said, "Hwasun Mining Office is my life. I just think that I don't want to see a part of my life closed. So I'm going to be absent from work that day."

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google