Kim Jong-kook opened his mouth to LA wife rumors
Kim Jong-kook opened his mouth to LA wife rumors
Singer Kim Jong-guk reveals his true feelings about marriage in the underground tunnel of a coal mine.

SBS 'No entry except for related parties' will broadcast the last episode of season 1 today (27th). In the 9th episode aired on the same day, the nation's No. 1 coal mine, which ended its 118-year mining history, entered the 'Hwasun Mining Office', which was officially closed last June, just before it was closed, and released the seal of the sincere story of everything about the coal mine and the miners who dedicated their lives to it. are going to do Among them, MC Kim Jong-guk, who became the last new employee of the Hwasun Mining Office, is attracting attention by saying that he has been optimized for the miner's work.

In the filming of the 'Hwasun Mining Center' episode last June, MCs Kim Jong-guk, Yang Se-hyeong, Mimi, and special guest Yoon Doo-joon entered an underground tunnel that is as deep as the 18th floor of an apartment building and worked together with real miners. Even in a work environment that was twice as difficult as outside work, with darkness and thin oxygen, and even humidity and heat, Kim Jong-kook showed the best of an 'athlete'. In particular, Kim Jong-guk, carrying heavy equipment on his shoulder, suddenly tried to exercise his leg muscles, saying, "This is a squat." It is rumored that it was made into a sea of laughter.

On this day, Kim Jong-guk met with a 31-year veteran miner at the end of the day and had a candid conversation and showed a friendly appearance. In particular, Kim Jong-guk drew attention by revealing a sudden camaraderie at the words of a veteran miner that he was still unmarried. In fact, Kim Jong-kook, who has become the subject of playful rumors such as 'LA wife rumor' and 'LA girlfriend rumor' due to his long solo life, revealed his bitter heart, saying, "I missed the time to get married because I was only exercising. I only exercise every day, but who is there?" that it made me laugh

Kim Jong-guk worked hard until the end of the coal mining work with his strong muscular strength and excellent adaptability, but as soon as he came out to the outside world, he said that he was so exhausted that he lost all reaction. As a result, attention is drawn to the stories that are sincere and meaningful as the depth of the world and the depths of the world of coal mines, which are so hard that even Kim Jong-guk of the world is tired.

'No entry except for those involved' will be broadcast on the 27th at 9pm.

Reporter Tae Yuna, Ten Asia translated by google