NewJeans' Japanese debut title song 'Supernatural' MV teaser has been released
NewJeans' Japanese debut title song 'Supernatural' MV teaser has been released
A portion of NewJeans' Japanese debut single title track 'Supernatural' has been released for the first time.

NewJeans posted the 'Supernatural' music video teaser on the Hive Labels YouTube channel at midnight on the 15th. This video arouses curiosity with its mysterious space and the members' unique styling, befitting the song's title 'Supernatural', which refers to a supernatural phenomenon. Although it is a short teaser of about 30 seconds, it contains not only the song's melody but also the members' vocals and performances.

'Supernatural' is a new jack swing style song that stands out with a nostalgic sensibility and the members' soft vocals. This song was reinterpreted by producer 250, using 'Pop Star' Pharrell Williams' iconic ad-lib and bridge from 'Back of My Mind', a collaboration with Japanese singer Manami in 2009. It heralded the birth of another masterpiece that evokes nostalgia for the past while not losing NewJeans' unique sophisticated sensibility.

The performance that takes advantage of the characteristics of the genre is also attractive. NewJeans performed lively steps with the dancers, demonstrating sophisticated group dance, while maintaining their unique groove through free-spirited movements. They have shown a variety of choreography that matches the mood of the song, such as old school hip hop, walking, and contemporary dance, and are expected to prove their wide spectrum with original performances this time.

With this, both the title song and the b-side song 'Right Now' of NewJeans' Japanese debut single 'Supernatural' were unveiled. 'Right Now' announced the lovely and lively atmosphere of the song in the previously released music video teaser. Music videos were produced for both songs with conflicting charms.

NewJeans, which has achieved four consecutive million-seller sales with the Korean double single 'How Sweet' released on the 24th of last month and is gaining popularity on the global charts, will continue its momentum with the release of its Japanese debut single 'Supernatural' at 1pm on the 21st. Upon their debut in Japan, they will hold a fan meeting at Tokyo Dome on the 26th and 27th and meet the Bunnies (fandom name). It is expected to confirm the powerful influence of NewJeans, which set a new record for an overseas artist to enter the Tokyo Dome in the shortest period of time (1 year and 11 months) since their debut, and sold out all tickets early even though it was a weekday event.

In addition to Pharrell Williams, cultural and artistic greats such as Takashi Murakami and Hiroshi Fujiwara participated in NewJeans' Japanese debut single. Official products featuring the two masters can be found at pop-up stores commemorating the release of 'Supernatural' in Korea and Japan on the 26th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google