“Because I love you, I have to have the courage to approach you” Do Kyung-soo, Q&A on his 3rd mini album
“Because I love you, I have to have the courage to approach you” Do Kyung-soo, Q&A on his 3rd mini album
Do Kyung-soo honestly shared stories related to his new album ‘Growth’.

Today (the 7th), Do Kyung-soo returns with his third mini album 'Growth'. This new album, released about 8 months after the 2nd mini album 'Expectation' released in September last year, sings of the colorful growth that has bloomed in the journey of life.

Do Kyung-soo's 3rd mini album 'Growth' includes the title song 'Mars', which contains a quirky and lovely love story, and 'Popcorn', which entered the iTunes charts of all genres in 17 countries and regions immediately after its release. A total of 6 songs, including 'Things We Didn't Know (Simple Joys)', 'To Today (Good Night)', 'Daily Confession (My Dear)', and 'Yesterday You, Today Me (About Time)'. This is included. He plans to provide excitement, empathy, and comfort through songs with different charms.

Do Kyung-soo will once again reveal his dazzling presence as a ‘trustworthy vocalist’. The new album 'Growth' is expected to capture the taste of listeners as the delicate yet powerful vocals, sweet tone, and unique emotions that are considered his strengths are harmoniously blended into each song.

In particular, as he has continued his musical journey as a member of the group EXO and as a solo musician, and has continuously achieved growth, there is a lot of anticipation even before the album is released to see what he will show this time. 'Growth', which showcases Do Kyung-soo's new charm and deeper and wider musical spectrum, will be released in its entirety on major music sites at 6 PM today.

Meanwhile, Do Kyung-soo, who will bring happiness to the public with his third mini album 'Growth', released a Q&A through his agency, Company Susu. Below is the full Q&A with Do Kyung-soo.

Q1. How do you feel about coming back with your 3rd mini album ‘Growth’?
First of all, I am very excited, and I am very curious about how people will feel when they listen to the songs in this album. As this is an album that I worked hard to prepare, I hope many people will be happy after listening to my songs.

Q2. Please introduce the title song ‘Mars’. Why did you choose it as the title song?
'Mars' is a minimal, medium-tempo pop song, and is a quirky and lovely coming-of-age love story that contains hesitations and concerns about whether we can love each other, but we still love each other, so we have the courage to approach first. This is a song that contains I liked the lovely and cute feel of the melody and lyrics so much that I decided to make it the title song.

Q3. What is the difference from the last album ‘Expectation’? And was there anything you paid special attention to for the ‘Growth’ album?
Many of the lyrics of the songs in this 'Growth' album are centered around the theme of 'growth'. I prepared it by paying close attention to the lyrics, hoping that the meaning of growth would be well conveyed to the listeners.

Q4. What kind of album do you want fans to remember ‘Growth’ as?
It may mean 'I have grown', but it also means 'I will grow even more in the future', so I hope that the fans who listen to the songs in this album will also grow together, and I hope that they will be remembered in that sense.

Q5. From the 'Mars' concept photo to the teaser video, it is garnering a lot of attention. Could you please introduce a prop or styling that will be a highlight in the soon-to-be-released music video?
The props in the ‘Mars’ music video remain as a special memory. My character in the music video is a nerdy person, and the art team created the props really well, so each and every one was unique and very pretty. I think you will enjoy looking at the props I am wearing, such as the backpack and headset.

Q6. Was there a special episode while filming the music video for this album?
When filming the 'Mars' music video, I rode a bicycle loaded with flowers, but the weight of the flowers was quite heavy, so it was not easy to pedal uphill. Still, I rode hard.
And in the 'Popcorn' music video, there's a scene where popcorn is pouring out of an elevator, and it's a huge amount of real popcorn. I remember an episode where the elevator door wouldn't open all at once due to the weight of the popcorn, causing an NG, and I had to put the popcorn away again.

Q7. What would you say is the killing point of the title song ‘Mars’ and the pre-released song ‘Popcorn’?
Mars' lyrics are 'Um, for example', and Popcorn's lyrics are 'You gave me the excitement~', which are so cute and lovely that I think that's the killing point. I also get excited and feel good when I sing that part.

Q8. Lastly, please say a word to your fans.
I want to give happy energy to all the fans who like my album. In the future, we will continue to greet you with better growth, better albums, and better works.
I hope you feel healthy and happy after listening to the songs from my ‘Growth’ album. Thank you everyone ^^

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google