As One releases new song ‘Better’ today (18th)
As One releases new song ‘Better’ today (18th)
R&B duo As One releases their new song 'Better' today (18th).

On the 15th, the agency Brand New Music announced the release of As One's new song by releasing a teaser image of As One's new single 'Better' through official SNS channels.

This teaser image, with vivid pink 'Better' typography rising above white clouds over a blue sky, expresses the 'Better' feeling of floating higher above the clouds.

As One's new single 'Better', released about four months after 'Winter Wonderland' released in December last year, is a fresh, lively and energetic song that stands out with As One's unique sweet tone.
It conveys positive energy that 'better days' will unfold in anticipation of the new future ahead. In particular, the hooky refrain, which repeats the lyric 'Better', is highly addictive.

As One, Korea's representative R&B female duo, which has received steady love for over 20 years since its debut in 1999, released the single 'Miraculous Thing' in October of last year and 'Winter Wonderland' in December, a miracle for fans who have been waiting for As One's comeback. It presented a moment like a transition. Attention is being paid to what kind of harmony will capture the hearts of fans through this new song 'Better'.

Meanwhile, As One's new single 'Better' will be released at 6 PM today (18th).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google