BTOB successfully completes ‘OUR DREAM’ concert in Manila, Philippines
BTOB successfully completes ‘OUR DREAM’ concert in Manila, Philippines
Group BTOB successfully concluded its fan concert in the Philippines.

On the 7th, BTOB held a solo fan concert '2024 BTOB FAN-CON 'OUR DREAM'' at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines and met with local fans. .

'Our Dream' is the first fan concert held by BTOB since their debut in 2012, and is meant to reminisce and draw together the precious moments that Melody (BTOB's official fan club name) and BTOB achieved together. BTOB previously held a grand opening of 'Our Dream' in Seoul for three days from the 22nd to the 24th of last month.

At this Manila concert, five members participated, excluding Yook Sungjae, who could not join due to a pre-determined schedule. BTOB, who appeared with a rich band sound, opened the splendid curtain of 'Our Dream' in the Philippines with the title song 'The Song' of their 3rd regular album 'Be Together' released in 2022.

BTOB's Manila performance is about 7 years since their performance at the 'Super Pop Concert Music Festival' in 2017. The members expressed their overwhelming feelings, saying, "Just like the title of the performance, it is truly a dream-like moment," and local fans, who had been waiting for BTOB's performance for a long time, also responded with more explosive cheers and applause than ever before.

BTOB, who celebrated their 12th debut anniversary this year, released songs such as ‘Prayer’, ‘HIGHER’, ‘It’s Okay’, ‘Day & Night’, ‘My Wind’, ‘Memories of a Spring Day’, and ‘Beautiful and Painful’. He passionately sang many famous songs with a brilliant history, such as ‘I Can’t Do It Without You’, and ‘Missing You’.

BTOB heated up the performance with their signature unwavering, perfect live and powerful performances. They once again proved their titles as a 'group you can trust and listen to' and 'stage masters' with a performance that you can see, feel, and enjoy together, rather than just listening to music.

In addition, BTOB provided unique enjoyment by showing off their outstanding athleticism and unity through the '99 Second Mission Relay', in which they challenged various missions within a limited time. In addition, through the Q&A corner, where fans read and answered questions prepared in advance, various questions from fans were quickly answered, leading to an explosive response.

Lastly, BTOB returned to the stage in response to fans' passionate requests for an encore and additionally performed 'Exciting' and 'Finale: Our Concert'. The performance ended with an exciting stage where local fans met up close for the first time in a long time and played together until the end, giving them special memories they would never forget for a lifetime.

BTOB, which successfully concluded the fan concert in the Philippines following Seoul, will continue its Asia tour with a solo fan concert 'Our Dream' in Osaka, Japan on May 10th, Tokyo on the 12th, Hong Kong on the 21st, and Bangkok, Thailand on the 26th. The list of tour countries will be added in the future, and detailed information will be released sequentially.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google