TXT releases 6th mini album minisode 3: TOMORROW concept trailer
TXT releases 6th mini album minisode 3: TOMORROW concept trailer
Tomorrow by Together announced the return of the ‘visual king’ with a new album concept trailer.

TOMORROW 'minisode 3: TOMORROW' is scheduled to depict a story about remembering a promise from the past and going to find the 'you' you promised with. The album contains a narrative that encompasses the series that they showed after their debut, including 'The Chapter of Dreams', 'The Chapter of Chaos', and 'The Chapter of the Name'.

As an extension of this, the concept trailer was produced with the theme of 'Remembering the promise I made to you that I had forgotten.' The video begins with a desert with only the remains of a building left behind and music with a dreamy feel. In a place where life is not felt, the five members and the fox become precious to each other. Suddenly, a huge shadow appears and the book closes, instantly changing the atmosphere from a fairytale-like world to reality.

Even if the members in real life encounter a fox at a natural history museum, they cannot recall the memories they had together. After some time has passed, the members who regain their past memories steal the fox and run away, but lose the fox in the process and feel in vain. Suddenly, the fox reappears in front of the five boys, and the members run towards them with the look in their eyes that they will never forget 'you' again.

In particular, this trailer brings the joy of interpretation with elements that emphasize the team's narrative and connection with the previous work. A representative example is the song 'Dreamer' from the 3rd album 'The Name Chapter: FREEFALL', which was inserted into the mime scene. In 'Dreamer', the story of 'looking at the shining stars in the night sky and remembering forgotten dreams and identity' is combined with an acoustic arrangement to maximize the poignant emotion of the mime scene. In addition, objects reminiscent of previous albums appear in the video, such as a crown (debut song 'One Day Horns Grew from My Head (Crown)') and a heart-shaped eye patch (concept photo of the 2nd full-length album 'Chaos: FREEZE'). It brings joy to the fans.

This trailer reinterprets the story of the Little Prince and the Fox, who talk about 'faith in the invisible,' as the story of 'I remember the promise I made to you that I forgot.' Directed by Korea's representative CF director Yoo Kwang-hong, it boasts elaborate mise-en-scène and visual beauty.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google