Niel successfully concludes his first solo fan meeting in Taiwan, ‘NIEL ONLY YOU’
Niel successfully concludes his first solo fan meeting in Taiwan, ‘NIEL ONLY YOU’
Group Teen Top's Niel successfully completed its first solo fan meeting and fan signing event in Taiwan.

Niel held a fan meeting 'NIEL ONLY YOU Taipei Fan Meeting 2024' in Taipei, Taiwan on the 13th and had a great time with Taiwanese fans. Since this fan meeting was the first solo concert held in Taiwan, it had an even deeper meaning for both Niel and local fans. In particular, this concert was simultaneously broadcast online, appeasing the disappointment of global fans who could not attend.

Niel, who opened his first Taiwanese fan meeting with his self-composed song 'Hypontized', which clearly shows his unique musical style, expressed his extraordinary passion for the performance, saying, "I am very nervous, but as many people have been waiting for me, I will do my best in an effortless manner." It drew cheers.

In the Q&A corner where fans asked questions they were curious about, Niel gave witty answers and showed off his unique sense by actively responding to fans' impromptu requests.

As it was Niel's first fan meeting, the venue was filled with moments for fans throughout the performance. Niel not only performed the first stage of the title song 'The Road to Farewell' from the new album 'PARTING EMOTION' released two days before the performance, but also showed off his new charm by playing games that risked being broken for his fans.

Niel, who has prepared unique games such as 'Listen to the song for 2 seconds and guess', 'Put up a water bottle', and 'Pedometer game', brought big smiles to fans throughout the performance and gave them unforgettable and enjoyable memories. The talk about the 'brain structure' image written in advance by Niel was filled with candid and honest stories that had not been revealed before, and even included a special special move with cute charm to disarm the fans.

Niel came down from the audience and made close eye contact with the fans, singing 'Affogato' passionately, showing his deep love for his fans. The fans also attracted attention by showing perfect 'fan etiquette (fan + etiquette)' by being orderly throughout the performance.

Niel, who prepared ‘Today’ as the final performance, revealed the reason for selecting the song, saying, “I chose this song because it contains a story about happiness, which is my favorite word.” He added, “I will make this day with me a happy memory for a long time.” “I hope you remember,” he said with regret.

Although all corners were over, fans continued to sing ‘encores’ in the lingering mood that filled the concert hall. Even though it was an unscheduled encore, Niel went on stage once again with a shy smile and sang 'Orbit' passionately for the fans, giving them a touching moment. At the fan signing event held the next day, Niel made eye contact with each fan and expressed his sincere feelings, leaving a meaningful impression.

Meanwhile, Niel, who successfully completed his first solo fan meeting in Taiwan, continues his active music activities with his third single album 'PARTING EMOTION'.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google