'Ai Jeong Dong-won' JD1 takes off the veil
'Ai Jeong Dong-won' JD1 takes off the veil
'AI new solo idol' JD1's debut single lyric teaser has been released.

JD1 released the lyric teaser poster for its debut single 'who Am I' through its official SNS channel on the 3rd.

The released poster shows JD1 wearing white clothing and a platinum-blonde hairstyle, along with some of the lyrics of the new song. The lyrics are "Is it Stupid Dream? I Don't Want To Believe", creating a meaningful atmosphere and heightening curiosity about the concept.

JD1's debut single 'who Am I', which will be released on January 11, was produced by composer Ryan Jeon, who has produced hit songs for various artists such as IU, Oh My Girl, NCT 127, Loona, and Ive. Ryan Jeon is said to have praised JD1's infinite potential, and predicted high-quality music that matches this.

In addition, the choreography was handled by MOTF, which has produced outstanding choreography for various K-pop idols such as Seventeen, ITZY, Stray Kids, and Boy Next Door.

Meanwhile, JD1 will debut with the release of its first single 'who Am I' through various music sites at 6 PM on January 11th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google