ITZY releases music video for Ryujin's solo song 'Run Away' from new album
ITZY releases music video for Ryujin's solo song 'Run Away' from new album
ITZY's Ryujin heated up the comeback by showing off her delicate emotional expression in the music video for 'Run Away', a song included in her new album and her first solo song.

ITZY will release its new album 'BORN TO BE' and title song 'UNTOUCHABLE' on January 8, 2024 and visit fans. Prior to this, JYP Entertainment is raising expectations by sequentially posting teasing content through its official SNS channels. Following Yeji's solo song 'Crown On My Head (Yeji)' on the 20th, the music video for Ryujin's solo song 'Run Away (Ryujin)' was released at midnight on the 22nd.

The music video had the atmosphere of a film with a dramatic storyline and analog sensibility. Ryujin increased immersion by drawing a wide range of emotions, such as pushing an object on the table with both arms and shedding tears while laughing while looking in the mirror. Ryujin's expressiveness, leaning against the window of a moving car and making a resigned expression, left a strange lingering impression on the viewers.

'Run Away (Ryujin)', located on track 7 of the new album, is a modern rock genre song with an electronic guitar sound that changes in various tones, and Ryujin participated in writing and composing the lyrics. The story of how one would pretend to be a villain for someone who does not have courage was expressed with lyrics such as “Okay, run away, run away, run away from me. If you are scared, I will do that villain, but if you can’t say anything.”

ITZY's title song 'UNTOUCHABLE', b-side songs 'BORN TO BE' and 'Mr. A rich promotion is underway to release a total of 8 video contents, including the music video for 'Vampire' (Mr. Vampire) and solo track videos for all members. The music video for the opening track 'BORN TO BE', which was released on the 18th, garnered enthusiastic responses, ranking first on YouTube's music video trending worldwide from the day of release to the 20th. Yezi's solo song 'Crown On My Head' music video also ranked first on YouTube Trending Worldwide as of the 21st, following 'BORN TO BE', and ITZY ranked first and second on the chart, leading the group. It has proven the explosive interest of K-pop fans around the world toward the first comeback in 2024.

The new album 'BORN TO BE' includes 'Run Away (Ryujin)', 'Crown On My Head (Yeji)', 'Blossom (Lia)', 'Mine (Chaeryeong)' (Mine) (Chaeryeong)), 'Yet, but (Yuna)' (Yet, friend (Yuna)), solo songs by all members, as well as the title songs 'UNTOUCHABLE', 'BORN TO BE', and 'Mr. A total of 10 songs are included, including 'Vampire', 'Dynamite', and 'Escalator'. Leading domestic and international writers such as Lee Seo-ran, Bang Hye-hyun, Maria Marcus, Shim Eun-ji, Lee Woo-min 'collapsedone', Star Wars * (GALACTIKA *), SELAH, and MRCH shined with the credits.

Meanwhile, ITZY's new mini album 'BORN TO BE' and title song 'UNTOUCHABLE' will be officially released at 6 PM on January 8, 2024. At 5 PM on the same day, a countdown live will be held and the joy of the comeback will be shared with domestic and foreign fans. On February 24th and 25th, a solo concert will be held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul and the second world tour 'ITZY THE 2ND WORLD TOUR <BORN TO BE>' will begin.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google