KISS OF LIFE wins MMA Global Icon Award 5 months after debut
KISS OF LIFE wins MMA Global Icon Award 5 months after debut
Girl group KISS OF LIFE shone as a super rookie attracting attention from global fans.

KISS OF LIFE, which appeared on the stage of the 'MMA 2023 (Melon Music Awards)' held on the afternoon of the 2nd, performed as if each member succeeded in escaping after a chase with police wearing protective suits.

KISS OF LIFE, who continued the stage with 'Bad News', performed a mega crew performance with an ear-catching live and numerous dancers, showing a special performance with an even grander scale and Julie's charismatic English rap in the middle of the stage. The stage was completed.

KISS OF LIFE won the 1theK Global Icon Award, which is given to an artist who has shown outstanding performance to K-POP fans both domestically and overseas. KISS OF LIFE said, “We received a lot of love since our debut, and we are honored to be able to participate in MMA like this. “Thank you for the wonderful award, thank you to Chairman Seung-seong Hong, CEO Tae-hwa Hong and other members of the agency, and thank you to the countless staff members who worked hard for us.”

He continued, “I think we were able to receive the award thanks to KISSY (fandom name) who always supports us and is with us. “I hope we can continue to be together for a long time,” he added. Member Bell also expressed gratitude to global fans in English.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google