YG Baby Monster, ‘BATTER UP’ dance performance unveiled for the first time on the 4th
YG Baby Monster, ‘BATTER UP’ dance performance unveiled for the first time on the 4th
YG's new girl group Baby Monster is showing rising global popularity with its debut song 'BATTER UP', and their dance performance will be released for the first time at 00:00 (Korean time) on the 4th.

YG Entertainment posted a teaser poster announcing this on its official blog on the 1st. The phrase 'Debut Special' engraved between the strong background and impressive typography foreshadows a special gift, and an explosive response from music fans is expected.

Above all, anticipation is high because the entire choreography, which was previously unseen in the 'BATTER UP' music video, is finally being revealed. It is expected that you will be able to fully feel the six members' unrivaled performance capabilities and hip-hop aura, which were proven early on.

The witty point choreography that swings the bat in the chorus is already showing signs of becoming popular on major global platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, so it is expected that the popularity of 'BATTER UP' will increase further after the video is released, including dance challenges using short forms. do.

Prior to this, YG is responding to fans' passionate love by releasing the music video making film over three days starting on the 30th. The story behind the 5-day high-quality filming, as well as Baby Monster's fresh charm and professionalism that is unusual for a rookie, as well as the fresh charm of Baby Monster, who is filming for the first time since his debut, made fans happy, and the last episode was aired today (2nd) on the official YouTube channel. It is revealed.

Meanwhile, Baby Monster made a spectacular debut by releasing 'BATTER UP' at midnight on the 27th of last month. This song, which stands out for its dynamic track, kitschy hook part, and powerful bass line, is receiving favorable reviews as the members' deep vocals and fast-paced rapping exude YG's unique hip-hop energy.

In particular, music videos are gaining popularity in various global indicators. This music video, which has been ranked #1 on the global YouTube daily popularity chart for five consecutive days, became the 'most viewed video in 24 hours' immediately after its release and broke the record for a K-pop group's debut song in one day with 22.59 million views, and was released on about 4 days. It exceeded 50 million views in just one day. This is also the fastest music video for a K-pop group's debut song ever.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google