TXT releases 'MAMA' practice video... Anticipation for encore concert rises due to perfect performance
TXT releases 'MAMA' practice video... Anticipation for encore concert rises due to perfect performance
The group Tomorrow by Together released a video of their hot awards ceremony stage practice, raising expectations for the world tour encore concert that is just one day away.

Tomorrow This video provides fun to check at a glance various points of the 'MAMA' performance that were not captured on the broadcast screen.

First, the intro performance of 'Sugar Rush Ride' catches the eye with the unit choreography performed 'separately and together' by Yeonjun, Huening Kai, Soobin, Taehyun, and Beomgyu, while the five members show off their delicate facial expressions and dance moves to the dreamy sound of the whistle. presented.

Tomorrow They also performed a perfect group dance with about 20 dancers and completed a splendid and unique performance with a performance in the shape of a motorcycle.

As the 'MAMA' practice video became a hot topic, expectations for the finale performance of the second world tour 'ACT: SWEET MIRAGE' also reached its peak. Tomorrow by Together shared their thoughts and determination ahead of the performance through their agency Big Hit Music on the 1st. Subin said, “As I am standing in a concert hall filled with MOA (fandom name) for the first time in a long time since last August, I am going back to the time when I first prepared for the ‘ACT: SWEET MIRAGE’ performance and preparing with a new mind. I will enjoy the stage hard.” I promised.

Yeonjun said, "I am excited, looking forward to, and grateful to be able to perform at Gocheok Dome. As this dream-like opportunity has come, I will work hard to bring happiness by having fun and having fun with MOAs." Beomgyu said, "I always show only good performances to many people." “I want to give it to you. I will pour all my energy into making this a performance with no regrets this time. You can look forward to it,” he said.

Taehyun said, "I'm excited because it's my first time meeting people at a concert in December, the last month of the year. We're going to do our best to leave with warm hearts in this cold winter. We hope the audience will enjoy it with us to their heart's content." , Huening Kai expressed his thoughts, "A new stage and a stage production of incredible quality are waiting for you. I want to give you an unforgettable memory."

Meanwhile, 'TOMORROW This finale performance will also be streamed online live on both days for global fans who cannot visit the concert hall in person.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google