ATBO releases performance video for b-side song ‘Mayday’
ATBO releases performance video for b-side song ‘Mayday’
Group ATBO released a performance video for the song 'Mayday' from their new album, giving a special gift to fans.

At 6 PM on the 29th, ATBO surprisingly released a performance video of 'Mayday', a song included in their first single album 'MUST HAVE', through official YouTube and SNS, receiving positive responses from fans.

ATBO, who caught attention with sporty outfits in the released performance video, presented a powerful performance of the new song 'Mayday'. ATBO made it impossible to take your eyes off him for a moment with his flashy gestures and colorful facial expressions. In addition, the high-quality choreography and dynamic camera work added to the viewing pleasure.

This performance video for 'Mayday' was directed by VIA Production's Jung Ji-mi, who has worked with Stray Kids, Monsta X, etc., and captured ATBO's refreshing energy with gorgeous visuals. The famous dance team Auspicious, who has worked on choreography for ATEEZ, Monsta

ATBO's track 'Mayday' is a hip-hop dance song based on the Rachet genre, and is a song that gives a refreshing and refreshing feeling through the harmony of synth lead and groovy bass riff. Using the unique material of 'abnormal weather', he sang the cheerful lyrics, 'Even in a world where I can't predict what's ahead, I can laugh it off if I'm with you.'

ATBO released its first single album 'Must Have' on the 27th and began comeback activities after 6 months. The new song 'Must Have Love' is a ATBO-style reinterpretation of 'Must Have Love', which was released as a single by Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in and SG Wannabe's Kim Yong-jun in 2006, and has been a hot topic even before its release. Members Oh Jun-seok and Bae Hyun-jun participated in rap making, and ATBO's unique bright energy was expressed through rhythmic rhythm and cheerful brass sounds.

Meanwhile, ATBO is expected to continue promoting its first single album 'Must Have' through major music broadcast stages and various online and offline contents.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google