BTS Jungkook, the aura of a global pop star
BTS Jungkook, the aura of a global pop star
Jungkook released the track poster for the title song, which captures the aura of a 'global pop star'.

Jungkook posted a track poster for the title song 'Standing Next to You' from his first solo album 'GOLDEN' on BTS' official SNS at midnight on the 17th (Korean time). The track poster shows Jungkook staring somewhere under a spotlight.

The title song 'Standing Next to You' is a retro punk song that stands out with Jungkook's groovy vocals. Andrew Watt, the producer of Jungkook's first solo single 'Seven (Feat. Latto)' released last July, and Circuit worked together again to produce the new song.

Jungkook plans to show an all-time performance through his new song promotions. In his solo single 'Seven', Jungkook performed the trendy two-step genre of the early 2000s, and in '3D (feat. Jack Harlow)', he brought out his own style by drawing on an old school sound based on the hip-hop and dance of the mid-2000s. By reinterpreting it, he has revealed his ambition to continue the lineage of dance solo artists. This time, we are determined to reach the peak of ‘complete performance’ and fully establish ourselves as an unrivaled dance solo artist.

'GOLDEN', which will be released simultaneously around the world at 1 PM on the 3rd of next month, is an album based on solo artist Jungkook's 'golden moment' as a motif. Jungkook put a lot of effort into producing the album, personally selecting all the songs included in the new album, and sung all 11 songs in English.

Meanwhile, Jungkook will release ''GOLDEN' THE TRACKS' from the 21st to the 30th, and on the 31st, there will be a preview of the highlight medley 'GOLDEN' where you can see some of the included songs in advance, and on November 2, the title song's music video teaser video will be released. This comes out.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google