ITZY, Strong Woman Gangnam Soon main OST released today (8th)
ITZY, Strong Woman Gangnam Soon main OST released today (8th)
The main OST 'SUPERPOWERS' of 'Strong Woman Gangnam Soon' sung by group ITZY will be released today at 18:00 on the 8th.

'SUPERPOWERS', the main theme of 'Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon', is the first OST released by ITZY as a complete group since its debut, and is a fast-tempo dance style song that highlights the power of the main character 'Nam-soon'. ITZY's bold and powerful energy, refreshing and cool beats, and addictive hooks combine dramatically, and are inserted at every moment where 'Nam Soon's' power is displayed in the play, providing a thrilling catharsis to listeners and viewers. .

ITZY, which has captivated fans with its unique and confident charm, has established itself as a 'popular group' by receiving love from fans at home and abroad, from its debut song 'Dalla Dalla' to its latest song 'CAKE'. The title song 'CAKE' ranked at the top of various music charts along with the trend of '#CakeChallenge', solidifying the group's position as a 'Generation Z wannabe girl group'.

'SUPERPOWERS' is written by Anymasingga, Fuxxy (MonoTree), Alina Smith, Annalise Morelli, Gino Barletta, who collaborated with many artists such as Chungha, (G)I-DLE, and BTOB, and the production team WARMIT (MonoTree) participated in writing the lyrics. The main OST representing ‘Gangnam Soon’ was created.

The JTBC drama 'Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon', which attracted a lot of attention from the production stage with the 'Strong' series that returned with an expanded world view 6 years after 'Strong Woman Do Bong-soon', which opened a new horizon for 'K-female hero drama', was born with This is a global three-generation project in which a third-generation mother and daughter, gifted with incredible strength, uncover the true nature of a new drug crime taking place around Gangnam. Writer Baek Mi-kyung, who created the first female hero in a Korean drama, and director Kim Jeong-sik of 'City Drinkers' are expected to create another sensation by joining forces.

Meanwhile, 'Strong Woman Gangnam Soon' OST Part.1 'SUPERPOWERS', in which ITZY participated, will be released through various music platforms today at 18:00 on the 8th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google