Yerin releases 'Ready, Set, LOVE' on the 23rd
Yerin releases 'Ready, Set, LOVE' on the 23rd
Singer Yerin is making a comeback wearing 'retro' clothes.

Today (23rd) at 6pm, Yerin releases her 2nd mini album 'Ready, Set, LOVE' and starts full-fledged activities.

'Ready, Set, LOVE', which Yerin will show in about a year since her solo debut last year, captures her multi-faceted views on 'love' and her deeper musical color.

The new title, 'Bambambam', is a retro genre song that combines city pop and synthwave disco, and Yerin's new attempt at a genre stands out. The point choreography 'You or Dance', which expresses the words appearing in the lyrics as well as the addictive melody, evoked enthusiastic responses from fans immediately after its release, raising expectations for a comeback.

The b-side tracks covering various genres also show Yerin's broadened musical spectrum. From 'Rooftop (Summer Charm)' with cool and funky guitar riffs to 'THE DANCE', where you can taste the essence of retro in the electronic funk genre, tracks of various genres that delight listeners' ears will raise curiosity about the album. heightened

Through a previous interview, Yerin said, “I would like to express this new album 'Ready, Set, LOVE' in terms of color. I don’t think it can be defined with just one color,” raising expectations for Yerin’s more distinct energy and performance.

Through this new album, which is filled with her own unique identity and her ability to grow as a solo artist, Yerin will take a new leap forward as a 'Summer Queen' this summer.

After announcing her splendid return, Yerin plans to continue her active activities with 'Bambambam'.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia translated by google