Group Stray Kids, 'Maniac' music video reached 200 million views on YouTube
Group Stray Kids, 'Maniac' music video reached 200 million views on YouTube
Stray Kids achieved the record of '4th 200 million views' with the music video for 'MANIAC'.

The music video for the title song "MANIAC" of the mini-album "ODDINARY" released by Stray Kids on March 18, 2022 has surpassed 200 million views on YouTube around 6:40 pm on the 15th. With this, Stray Kids posted a total of 4 music videos, including 'God's Menu' (New Menu), 'Back Door' (Back Door), 'Sorikkun' and 'MANIAC', with 200 million views.

With the album 'ODDINARY' and the title song 'MANIAC', Stray Kids also achieved favorable results on worldwide charts such as YouTube, US Billboard, and global music streaming platform Spotify. It became the third K-pop artist to top the Billboard 200, the main Billboard chart, and as of the 15th, the cumulative number of streams on Spotify exceeded 218.3 million.

In addition, according to the announcement of the album aggregation site Circle Chart on the 10th, '★★★★★ (5-STAR)', the 3rd regular album and the latest work released on June 2nd of this year, is the cumulative sales volume of '★★★★★ (5-STAR)'. It has exceeded 5 million copies and obtained the Penta Million certification.

Stray Kids, who won the title of 'JYP Entertainment's first Penta Million Seller', entered the 'Billboard 200' as of June 17 (local time) with the corresponding work, and then posted their name for '9 consecutive weeks', recording the longest period of their own ranking. also changed

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google