Twice Jihyo, solo sortie... Harmony with PD Park Jin-young
Twice Jihyo, solo sortie... Harmony with PD Park Jin-young
TWICE's Jihyo shines a special sensibility in her first solo album 'ZONE' and demonstrates her presence as a solo artist.

JYP Entertainment released the track list image of Jihyo's 1st mini album 'ZONE' on the official SNS channel at 0:00 on the 31st.

According to the track list, Jihyo's first mini-album includes the title song 'Killin' Me Good', 'Talkin' About It (Feat. 24kGoldn)', and 'Closer'. , 'Wishing On You', 'Don't Wanna Go Back (Duet with Heize)' (Don Warner Go Back), 'Room' (Room), 'Nightmare' (Nightmare), a total of 7 songs this is included At the bottom of each song title, phrases such as "The meaning of my time that has passed, I hope it's still beautiful", as if Jihyo personally spoiled the atmosphere of the song, were written one by one, raising fans' curiosity.

Through the new album, Jihyo plans to showcase the world of music with her natural beauty. Including the title song 'Killin' Me Good', he participated in the production of all six songs on the b-side and showed off his accumulated musicality. In particular, each track 'Talkin' About It (Feat. 24kGoldn)', 'Don't Wanna Go Back (Duet with Heize)' draws attention from music fans around the world. The last song 'Nightmare' was pre-released on the individual stage of Twice's 5th world tour 'READY TO BE'. leading the cheers of

The title song 'Killin' Me Good' was written by JYP Entertainment's representative producer, Park Jin-young, and the lyrics were completed with Jihyo's unique personality that reveals emotions plainly. Here, Melanie Fontana, who has worked with world-renowned singers including Dua Lipa, Maroon5, and Ava Max, Lindgren, Monsters and Strangers Leading writers such as writer Marcus Lomax add their hands to give a foreboding of the birth of a new masterpiece.

Jihyo's first mini-album 'ZONE', which shows the whole 'Jihyo' itself, heats up the fans around the world and goes on to be active as a solo artist.

Meanwhile, Twice's second solo runner Jihyo's debut album 'ZONE' and the title song 'Killin' Me Good' will be released at 1:00 PM Korea time (Fri), August 18, 00:00 Eastern time in the US.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia translated by google