Interview with Teo Yoo from the movie ‘Fast Lives’
'Fast Lives' Teo Yoo "Meet Cillian Murphy and director Nolan at the awards ceremony"
'Fast Lives' Teo Yoo "Meet Cillian Murphy and director Nolan at the awards ceremony"
Actor Teo Yoo of the movie 'Fast Lives' expressed his impressions of meeting actor Cillian Murphy and director Christopher Nolan at the 77th British Academy Awards.

Actor Teo Yoo was interviewed about the movie 'Fast Lives' (directed by Celine Song) at a cafe located in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 29th. 'Fast Lives' is a work that depicts the fateful story of two days between Na-young and Hae-seong, first loves from their childhood in Seoul, who meet again in New York after 24 years and look back on their seemingly unbreakable relationship. Teo Yoo plays the role of Hae-seong, who is looking for his first love, Na-young (Greta Lee).

Regarding his feelings ahead of the Korean release after receiving favorable reviews overseas, including Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Yoo Teo), and Non-English Language Film Award at the 77th BAFTA Awards, Yoo Teo said, "I am excited to finally be able to show it. At the same time, I am also scared. “I have lived in a multinational culture, but I had to portray an ordinary Korean man in a movie. I feel strange because there is an Oscar ceremony on the 7th and I am nominated,” he said.

Unfortunately, he did not win the award, but about being the first Korean actor to be nominated at the British Academy, he said, "I had no expectations. To be honest, I don't think it really felt until I got there. That morning, my manager asked me if I had prepared my speech. 'Oppenheimer' Actor Cillian Murphy of (Director Christopher Nolan) was very relieved after receiving the award. Isn't he a senior who walked the path ahead of him? He said to Cillian Murphy, 'I have watched all your movies and am a student of acting.' What is warm temperature? “I think it was an opportunity to experience it,” he said.

Teo Yoo, who met 'Oppenheimer' director Christopher Nolan at the awards ceremony, said, "To tell you the story behind it, when Cillian Murphy said hello, he gave me a grateful hug. He asked, 'Have you met Christopher Nolan?' I said 'No,' and he put his hand away. He grabbed it and took it to the director. When he heard that director Christopher Nolan had also seen our movie, he said, ‘I’m such a fan. I’ve watched all of our work, starting with ‘Memento.’ If you need a Korean actor, be sure to let him audition.’ ‘Don’t worry. “He said,” he said, bursting into laughter.

Teo Yoo, who said he was able to participate in the work after sending an audition tape and going through a series of processes, said, "I heard that they were looking for the role of Hae-seong in 'Fast Lives'. After receiving the script, I sent in two tapes and went through the official audition stage. The second audition. "I watched it on video, and they told me to do the scenes in every scenario. I acted out the long scenario three or four times, and as time went by, my confidence grew. Two weeks later, I heard that I had passed the audition."

The movie 'Fast Lives' will be released on March 6, 2024.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google