Nam Hyun-hee's first words to the glaring Jeon Cheong-jo, "What are you looking at?"
Nam Hyun-hee's first words to the glaring Jeon Cheong-jo, "What are you looking at?"
Former national fencing team member Nam Hyeon-hee (42) attended the police and returned home after being cross-examined on fraud charges with her ex-lover Jeon Cheong-jo (27).

Nam Hyun-hee appeared at Songpa Police Station in Seoul around 10 a.m. on the 8th and was interrogated for about 13 hours. It has been two days since he first appeared at the police on the 6th and was interrogated for nearly 10 hours.

On this day, Nam Hyun-hee had her first cross-examination with Mr. Jeon, who was under arrest investigation. A factual investigation was conducted to determine whether Nam Hyun-hee was aware of Jeon's crime and whether she conspired to commit the crime. Parents of students at the fencing academy run by Nam Hyun-hee, who accused Nam Hyun-hee of being Jeon's accomplice, attended the investigation.

Nam Hyun-hee's police investigation was completed in about 8 hours, but it is said that it took about 3 hours to confirm whether the contents of the interrogation report were described according to her statement.

After completing the investigation, Nam Hyun-hee left the entrance of the Songpa Police Station in Seoul around 11:15 that day and remained silent when asked questions from reporters such as "What did you say during the cross-examination?" and "Please tell me if there is anything unfair."

Regarding the cross-examination of Nam Hyun-hee and Jeon, Channel A News TOP10 reported that when they reunited at the police station, Jeon glared at Nam Hyun-hee, and Nam Hyun-hee said her first words, "What are you looking at?"

Mr. Jeon's lawyer said that the statements of the victim, the student's parents, and Mr. Jeon were similar. "Mr. Jeon made a statement to the effect that her husband had known about her fraud since last March." He added, "Today's investigation was scheduled to last longer, but Nam Hyun-hee's “The investigation was stopped because she said she was sick. We hope Nam Hyun-hee recovers and can continue the remaining cross-examination,” he said.
Nam Hyun-hee's first words to the glaring Jeon Cheong-jo, "What are you looking at?"
Nam Hyun-hee's first words to the glaring Jeon Cheong-jo, "What are you looking at?"
Meanwhile, Mr. Jeon was arrested on charges of fraud under the Aggravated Punishment for Specific Economic Crimes Act. On the 3rd, the court issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Jeon after interrogating him as a suspect (warrant review) before arrest, saying, "There is a risk of him running away and his residence is unstable." The police are investigating a total of 12 cases, including 11 complaints and 1 complaint, filed against Mr. Jeon. The number of victims said to have been harmed by Mr. Jeon has increased to 20, and the amount of damage has increased to 2.6 billion won, and it is highly likely that this will increase further in the future.

Most of the damages were made through investment recommendations in unlisted overseas companies or domestic application development companies, and some of the victims claim that they were robbed of their wedding funds by Mr. Jeon. In one of these cases, Nam Hyun-hee was also listed as an accomplice and booked.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google