Movie ‘A Disease Leading to Death’, serial killer and breathtaking psychological warfare
Movie ‘A Disease Leading to Death’, serial killer and breathtaking psychological warfare
The movie 'A Disease Leading to Death' (directed by Kazuya Shiraishi) has confirmed its release on November 29.

'A Disease Leading to Death' is a suspenseful psychological thriller depicting the shocking secrets and cruel truth surrounding Yamato, a serial killer who denies only one murder out of a total of 24 murders, and 'Masaya', a college student who sets out to find the true culprit at his request. It was selected as an official invitation to the 26th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and premiered to domestic audiences.

It is a film adaptation of Liu Kushiki's masterpiece thriller of the same name, and at the time of its release in Japan, it was the only live-action film to exceed 1 billion yen in box office revenue. Director Kazuya Shiraishi, who was in charge of directing, has mainly presented genre films such as the 'Savage', 'One Night', and 'Blood of a Lone Wolf' series.

Actor Sadao Abe, who played the role of Yamato, an orderly serial killer who plans elaborate crimes, proved his veteran acting skills by winning the Best Actor Award at the 46th Japan Academy Awards and being nominated for the Best Actor Award at the 65th Blue Ribbon Awards.

The role of Masaya, a man who receives a request from a serial killer to prove his innocence, was played by new actor Koshi Mizukami and gave a passionate performance. Masaya, who is caught in a mysterious game of truth thrown by a serial killer who claims to have been framed for only one murder, experiences the confusion of not knowing what is true and what is false, and engages in a breathtaking psychological warfare with the serial killer.

The main poster first catches the eye with the confrontation between Yamato, a serial killer who has been sentenced to death and is serving time, and Masaya, a mysterious man who has been asked to prove his innocence. Yamato, who committed as many as 24 horrific murders under his own cruel rules, stood in court with an expression that did not reveal his true intentions and insisted on his innocence in only one case, saying, "I didn't kill the ninth." It conveys an even more eerie vibe.

Masaya, who received a request from Yamato to find the real culprit, expresses sharp tension as he wonders why he is asking him to do this. However, profiles of Yamato's victims are soon visible filling the wall behind Masaya, stimulating curiosity about the shocking truths and hidden secrets he will uncover one by one.

The movie ‘A Disease Leading to Death’ is scheduled to be released on November 29th.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google