Movie ‘Shuhi from 5 to 7’, the border between life and death
Movie ‘Shuhi from 5 to 7’, the border between life and death
Director Jang Geon-jae's film 'Sweetheart from 5 to 7' has confirmed its release date on November 8.

'Sweetheart from 5 to 7' is a well-received work that was first released in the Korean Film Today - Panorama section of the Busan International Film Festival last year. It contains the inspiration conveyed by the reinterpretation and homage to the French Nouvelle Vague and the dense emotions experienced through life and death.

Actress Kim Joo-ryeong, who plays Joo-hee, is a global rising star who has been loved by the public by making her face known worldwide through the character of Korean Mi-nyeo in 2021's 'Squid Game'. He debuted with the movie 'Youth' (2000) and built up his filmography across a number of commercial and independent films, including 'The Crucible' and 'Hyehwa, Dong'. He is a 23-year veteran actor who has proven his rich acting spectrum through dramas such as 'SKY Castle' and 'Casino'. I have a connection with director Jang Geon-jae since I first worked with him as Joo-hee in ‘Sleepless Night.’

The third time-lapse poster attracts attention by arranging three cuts in succession in one scene, as if metaphorizing the time from 5 to 7 o'clock for Joo-hee after receiving the decisive sentence for life. It is impressive to see a confused mind conveyed, but at the same time, a strong will to be felt.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google