Netflix's 'Aema' cast confirms Lee Ha-nui, Bang Hyo-rin, Jin Seon-gyu, and Jo Hyeon-cheol
Netflix's 'Aema' cast confirms Lee Ha-nui, Bang Hyo-rin, Jin Seon-gyu, and Jo Hyeon-cheol
Netflix announced the production of 'Aema' (directed by Lee Hae-young) and the casting of actors Lee Ha-nui, Bang Hyo-rin, Jin Seon-gyu, and Jo Hyeon-cheol.

'Aema' is a Netflix series that depicts the struggles of Heeran and Joo-ae in the process of making 'Mrs. Aema', a movie that hit Korea in the early 1980s. It is a fictional comedy set in Chungmuro in the 1980s, and the story of the actors' intense lives after their brilliant glory will unfold.

Lee Ha-nui plays the role of Jeong Hee-ran, who was the best actor of her time but lost her role as the main character in the new movie 'Mrs. Aema' due to a conflict with the producer. Lee Ha-nui, who showed off her sly comic acting in the movies ‘Killing Romance’, ‘Extreme Job’, and the dramas ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘The Fiery Priest’, transforms into Hee-ran, a person with a tough but hot personality who knows how to clearly judge right from wrong.

The role of Shin Joo-ae, a new actress chosen to play the lead role in 'Mrs. Aema', will be played by Bang Hyo-rin, who stood out in the short film industry with her unrivaled atmosphere and dense emotional acting. Joo-ae goes from being an aspiring actress who made a living as a nightclub dancer to being selected as the lead in Chungmuro's most popular film, 'Mrs. Aema'. Rookie Bang Hyo-rin takes on the role of Joo-ae, armed with a fresh mask, a passionate passion for acting, and a boldness that is second to none.

The role of producer Goo Joong-ho will be played by Jin Seon-gyu, who showed good and evil acting in 'Count', 'Confidential Assignment 2: International', 'Victory', 'Crime City', 'Incredible Rumors 2: Counter Punch', and 'Ransom'. Producer Joong-ho, who goes to any lengths to survive in the Chungmuro movie industry, enriches the narrative of the play by entrusting the lead role to a new actor selected through a large-scale audition to keep the out-of-control Hee-ran in check.

Cho Hyun-cheol, who left a strong impression in the Netflix series 'DP', 'Hotel Del Luna', 'Malmoi', and 'Samjin Group English TOEIC Class', was cast in the role of Kwak In-woo, a dreamy and weak-hearted new director who is about to make his directing debut with 'Mr. Aema'. . He plans to inject lively energy into the play with his solid acting skills through the role of In-woo, who is struggling between several choices.

The screenplay and directing of ‘Aema’ was done by Lee Hae-young, director of the films ‘Solo Battle’, ‘Ghost’, and ‘Madonna of the World’. Regardless of genre, it has captivated the public with its unique subject matter and attractive characters.

‘Aetma’ is released only through Netflix.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google