Movie 'Captain Volkonogov Escaped', the bloody history of Stalin's reign of terror
Movie 'Captain Volkonogov Escaped', the bloody history of Stalin's reign of terror
The hottest film in competition at the 78th Venice International Film Festival , 'Captain Volkonogov Escaped' (directed by Natasha Merkulova, Alexei Chupov) will be released in Korea on August 23rd.

'Captain Volkonogov Escaped' is evaluated as a postmodern fable with elements of an intense thriller. The film is not a historical drama, but rather a fantasy fable borrowed from the historical context of the 1930s, a specific period in history. During Stalin's reign of terror just before World War II, the captain of the Enkevede NKVD, a secret police organization that killed hundreds of thousands of people, suddenly realizes that he has a soul, so he finds the victim, asks for forgiveness, and escapes from his organization. .

In front of the truth of history, it depicts a desperate escape and pursuit to seek atonement and receive salvation with a minimum conscience. “Anyone can potentially become the perpetrator (the executioner) by the decision of the state system, but can they be forgiven by the victims even if they then atone? Will there really be a paradise for perpetrators?” It is also a movie about the 'Stalin's Bloody Purge', a bloody history where the truth is not properly revealed.

The main poster shows the urgency of Captain Volkonogov of the NKVD, a secret police organization, desperately running away from a crisis. The intense red poster image foretells that the journey of moral recovery in the moment of crisis, the most brutal era, will be difficult.

Actor Yuri Borisov, who took on the role of 'Ryoha' in 'Compartment No.6', the winner of the Jury Prize at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, and made an impression on the domestic audience, follows the teaser poster and catches the eye. Yuri Borisov is an actor who is attracting attention not only in Europe but also around the world.

The appearance of Captain Volkonogov through the English title gives us a foreboding that the journey of moral recovery and internal conflicts that appeal to conscience will have a great impact on a man's change. In addition, as befits a movie based on the most brutal and tragic period in human history, 'Stalin's Bloody Purge', the copy that reads, "Age of fear, no one can escape" intensely catches the eye.

The movie 'Captain Volkonogov Escaped' will be released in Korea on August 23rd.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google