Choi Dong-gu takes charge of directing ‘Hwayang-ri Brothers’
Choi Dong-gu takes charge of directing ‘Hwayang-ri Brothers’
Actor Choi Dong-gu will transform into a 'theater director' and welcome audiences, following the box office success of the movie 'Crime City 3' and the drama 'Chaebol

Actor Choi Dong-gu, who has made a mark on the public by playing in various works such as 'Crime City 3', 'Chaebol The newly formed theater company Nine's inaugural performance 'Hwayang-ri Brothers' will be held from July 25th to August 4th. Choi Dong-gu will show off his versatile charm by not only directing 'Hwayang-ri Brothers', but also performing directly as the main character Shin Jae-ha.

The Nine theater company's founding play 'Hwayang-ri Brothers' tells the story of four people from the Department of Theater and Film who gathered together on the 10th anniversary of the death of their 'spiritual eldest brother'. After going through 10 years of living day by day in their respective positions, they explode the emotions they have built up in front of the portrait of their eldest brother smiling brightly. Under the theme of “Do something that makes your heart beat,” it vividly captures the stories of youth and delivers messages about dreams and hopes to the audience.

The faces of the actors cast in the play as a group of four from the Department of Theater and Film at Seguk University are also interesting. First, in the role of Shin Jae-ha, director Choi Dong-gu and Do Geon-woo, who recently attracted attention with the drama 'Connection', were double cast. For the role of Park Si-hyeon, Jang Yoo-sang, who gained attention through the dramas 'Revenge' and 'Save Me', and Kim Hee-chan, who appeared in 'Pure Boxer' and 'Glory Day', were chosen. In addition, actors Kang Hyun-woo, Park Hong-min, Son Won-ik, and Choi Yong-jun, all of whom are popular rising stars who have been active in various genres, are expected to show up to continue their passionate performances, and Professor Ra Kyung-min of the Department of Film Arts at Sejong University will serve as the artistic director.

Following the successive successes of the works he appears in, Choi Dong-gu, who has shown off his new side as a theater director, said, “I am thrilled and happy to be back on the theater stage, including founding a theater company that I have dreamed of for a long time.” “I hope that the audience will gain new energy from the performance content that is in touch with today’s reality, as well as the story of the ‘dream’ that lives in everyone’s hearts,” he said.

'Hwayang-ri Brothers', directed and starring Choi Dong-gu, can be seen at the Open Theater from July 25 to August 4, and online reservations can be made through Interpark from 9 a.m. on the 11th.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google