Jo Jung-rin, mourns her mother today (27th)
Jo Jung-rin, mourns her mother today (27th)
Jo Jung-rin, a journalist and former broadcaster, lost her mother.

According to Ten Asia's coverage on the 27th, Jo Jung-rin's mother passed away after fighting the disease.

Jo Jung-rin's mother is known to have been fighting cancer since September of last year. It was revealed that Jo Jung-rin married a lawyer in March of last year and devoted herself to nursing after learning of her mother's illness during her second pregnancy. Jo Jung-rin, who gave birth in November last year, has a 7-month-old daughter. It is known that Jo Jung-rin's family and children are guarding the funeral in sorrow.

Jo Jung-rin debuted in the entertainment industry by winning the grand prize at the 2002 MBC Paldomo Chang Singer King. Since then, he has appeared in 'Section TV Entertainment News', 'Dizzying Blind Date', 'Strong Heart', 'Exciting Change', 'Nonstop 5', 'Nineteen Pure Love', and 'Every Night', and has worked as an entertainment reporter, actor, and MC. He worked in broadcasting in various fields, including as a radio DJ.

Jo Jung-rin worked as a broadcaster for 10 years before moving to a broadcasting reporter for general programming channel TV Chosun in 2012. He worked as a reporter for the Culture Department, Social Affairs Department, Politics Department, and Investigative Reporting Department. Jo Jung-rin entered the Graduate School of Journalism at Korea University and took the unusual step of turning into a reporter while working on broadcasting and studying at the same time.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter
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