So Chan-hwi reveals, “I was treated as a traitor by my seniors and juniors.”
So Chan-hwi reveals, “I was treated as a traitor by my seniors and juniors.”
Singer So Chan-hwi reveals the story of how he left behind his desire for rock and debuted as a dance singer.

In the 8th episode of Channel S and E Channel's entertainment show 'Playing with Sister 2', which will be broadcast at 8:40 pm on the 30th, So Chan-hwi, the protagonist of 'Tears', who turned the entire nation into a karaoke rocker, will appear, along with Chae Rina, Lee Ji-hye, Lee Young-hyun, and Ivy. , Narsha, and Choa are holding a guerrilla mini rock concert.

At the concert on this day, the sisters set up a spectacular stage with rock music of different personalities. From Jaurim's 'Hey Hey Hey' to Pippi Band's 'Hello', Kim Jong-seo's 'Plastic Syndrome', Emerald Castle's 'Footsteps', and Cherry Filter's 'Romantic Cat', famous songs that embroidered the history of Korean rock music are performed in the sisters' unique colors. Reinterpreting. In particular, Choa always seemed nervous due to the obsession that she had to 'always do well on stage', but on this day, she truly enjoyed the stage and broke the 'trauma of lack of communication'. It elicits praise from the sisters, who say, “You did really well.”

Younghyun Lee also gets anxious right before the performance due to stage anxiety, but shows off her skills with the support of her sisters. After the stage ended, Lee Young-hyun shed tears due to overwhelming emotions, and Lee Ji-hye cried together at the sight of Lee Young-hyun overcoming her fear. So Chan-hwi, who took the mound as the last runner, heated up the scene with his unique charismatic appearance.

After the performance, at an after-party dinner, So Chan-hwi reminisced about old times, saying, “Before debuting as a solo singer in 1996, I first started working as a guitarist in 1988.” In addition, while reciting the genealogy of active singers of each era and looking back at the history of rock, So Chan-hwi suddenly reveals the story of how he eventually debuted as a dance singer, saying, "I'm getting older, but no matter what I do with rock, it doesn't work." At the same time, he surprised everyone by self-disclosing, “Some of the rock seniors and juniors call me a ‘renegade.’”

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google