MC Mong fails to appear at trial on suspicion of 'coin solicitation'
MC Mong fails to appear at trial on suspicion of 'coin solicitation'
Singer MC Mong, who was selected as a witness in the trial of former Bithumb Holdings CEO Lee Sang-jun and professional golfer Ahn Seong-hyun, who are accused of collecting illegal fees by promising to list coins, will undergo a 'video interrogation'.

According to the legal community, the Seoul Southern District Court's Criminal Settlement Division 1 (Presiding Judge Jeong Do-seong) decided to video-broadcast the witness interrogation of MC Mong during the trial scheduled for the 2nd.

Accordingly, MC Mong appears at the Seoul Eastern District Court and receives witness interrogation through real-time video broadcast. The trial will be held at the Seoul Southern District Court.

According to the Criminal Procedure Act, the interrogation of witnesses through video is for ▲victims under the Child and Adolescent Protection Act or ▲people recognized as having a risk of significantly losing their peace of mind due to psychological burden if they face the defendant.

MC Mong was previously asked to appear several times, but did not respond and was fined 6 million won. At the time, the court said, "Shin Dong-hyun's (real name MC Mong) statement is important," and added, "If he does not appear on the next date, we will issue an arrest warrant."

MC Mong explained the reason for his non-attendance through his YouTube channel, saying, "I had to accept the fine due to the severe legal trauma syndrome caused by the three-year trial of the military service corruption case." It is known that MC Mong's side submitted a petition to the court requesting video witness interrogation, claiming that it was difficult for him to attend court due to panic disorder and other reasons. Accordingly, the court appears to have accepted video interrogation.

The court judges that MC Mong is a key witness who will reveal the circumstances surrounding the transfer of 5 billion won between Ahn Seong-hyun and Kang Jong-hyun, who is suspected of being the actual owner of a Bithumb affiliate.

The prosecution believes that Ahn Seong-hyun received 2 billion won in cash from the entertainment agency where MC Mong was an executive director in return for allowing him to receive investment from Kang Jong-hyun.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google