Rookie Seo Ji-hoon gets into drowsy driving accident
Rookie Seo Ji-hoon gets into drowsy driving accident
Seo Ji-hoon of ‘Night Photo Studio’ suffered an unfortunate accident.

Seo Ji-hoon plays the role of Yoon So-myeong, a delivery driver who is about to graduate from college after 8 years. So-myeong, who appeared in episode 5, which aired on the 25th, is embarrassed by the employees' graduation congratulations and enjoys it together, but at the words of the class president, they each disperse to go to work.

So-myung, who was excited to finally receive his diploma, becomes the target of an evil spirit, ends up drowsy driving, and comes face-to-face with the evil spirit. He narrowly avoided the crowd by turning the steering wheel, but ended up in a series of collisions.

Even in short moments, such as the excitement about graduation, avoiding drowsiness and drowsiness, being afraid of evil spirits, trying hard to reduce sacrifice, and the final encounter with the truck, the vivid and colorful expressions are shown to increase the immersion of viewers. raised it

In the preview for episode 6, So-myeong opens the door of the dead and visits a nighttime photo studio, showing him suffering, arousing viewers' curiosity.

'The Sexy Photo Studio' is a dizzying and strange story about a prickly photographer and a passionate lawyer at a photo studio that specializes in photography for the dead, going back and forth between life and death with customers on a cool night.

Actor Seo Ji-hoon, who is affiliated with Management Goo, made a strong debut as Jang Tae-jin in 'Signal' and then appeared in 'Solomon's Perjury', 'School 2017', 'Love Story', 'Gyeryong Fairy Tale', 'Flower Crew of Joseon Marriage Agency', and 'Welcome'. , 'That guy is that guy', 'Blossom of Youth', and 'Third Person Revenge', appearing in various works, showing diverse characters and in-depth acting skills. In particular, he has recently received a lot of love for his portrayal of earnest love in 'Lee Kang-min' in 'It's No Use Lies' and even earned the nickname 'The Classic of an Ex-Boyfriend', so we are looking forward to his future activities.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google