Actor Lee Do-hyun says he is "grateful" for the success of the movie 'Breakfast'
Actor Lee Do-hyun says he is "grateful" for the success of the movie 'Breakfast'
Actor Lee Do-hyun expressed his gratitude for the box office success of the movie ‘Breakfast’ (director Jang Jae-hyeon), which was released while he was serving in the military.

On the 1st, Lee Do-hyun posted a photo and text on his SNS account. Lee Do-hyun expressed his gratitude, saying, "I am currently serving in the military, so I cannot greet you in person, and I am sorry for having to say hello in writing. I wanted to share the joy when I read an article about the number of viewers, but when I opened my eyes, I saw that there were 4 million." He added, “I don’t know how far we will go in the future, but I am sincerely grateful to the many fans and audiences for their support.”

Lee Do-hyun said, “Currently, I am Lim Dong-hyun, a soldier, and next year, I will be sure to meet him in person and express my gratitude to him as he has grown even further as actor Lee Do-hyun. Thank you once again for loving the movie ‘Pastoral’.” He also mentioned, “It seems like the spring cold has begun. I hope everyone is careful not to catch a cold and have a happy day.”

The movie 'Buried Grave', which was released on the 22nd of last month, is an occult mystery film that tells the story of strange events that happen to a geomancer, undertaker, and shaman who received a large amount of money to relocate a suspicious tomb. In the play, Lee Do-hyun plays the role of Bong-gil, who works with the shaman Hwa-rim (Kim Go-eun).

Ten Asia Reporter Lee Ha-neul translated by google