Choi Dong-seok publicly snips at former wife Park Ji-yoon
Choi Dong-seok publicly snips at former wife Park Ji-yoon
Announcer-turned-broadcaster Choi Dong-seok is attracting attention by publicly sniping at his ex-wife and broadcaster Park Ji-yoon, from whom he divorced.

On the 6th, Choi Dong-seok said on his SNS, "I know this post will tire many people, but since I blocked all contact, this seems to be the only way. I'll think about it all night and post it. I wonder if it will end up like this."

According to Choi Dong-seok, a temporary caregiver has not yet been designated, and the format of the interview negotiation has not been decided.

Choi Dong-seok also said, "I sent my son back with good intentions on Saturday afternoon, telling him to have a good time with his mother on Sunday, which was his birthday. However, I saw a comment on social media saying that he saw his mother at the airport on Sunday morning. Afterwards, party photos were posted here and there on social media late at night, However, on the mother's SNS, she posted a video of herself taking vitamins with her children at home, making it seem like she was with the children."

In addition, he pointed out, "The video has now been deleted, but the mother did not come home until the son was late for school the next morning."

Lastly, he added, "Did you really have to go there? I don't even want to argue anymore. Sick kids wouldn't have been left to someone else without their mom and dad on their birthday."

Choi Dong-seok married Park Ji-yoon in 2009 and divorced in October last year. The two have one son and one daughter.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google