The reason why Park Ji-hyun's remark, "Choi Kang Chang-min's wife = my friend" is criticized as being careless
The reason why Park Ji-hyun's remark, "Choi Kang Chang-min's wife = my friend" is criticized as being careless
There is ongoing controversy over the fact that actor Park Ji-hyun referred to TVXQ's Choi Kang Chang-min's wife as "my friend."

On the 25th, Park Ji-hyun appeared on SBS Power FM's 'Doo O'clock Escape Cultwo Show' and revealed that she was a fan of TVXQ in the past. Park Ji-hyun caused a stir by saying, "It was the official Cassiopeia (TVXQ fandom name). I liked all the songs," and "In fact, my friend married TVXQ member Choi Kang Chang-min. My friend was not in the fan club."

This remark was divided into two reactions: those who found the unexpected relationship between Park Ji-hyun and Choi Kang Chang-min's non-celebrity wife, friends, amusing, and those who felt uncomfortable with Park Ji-hyun freely discussing the existence of his wife, whom Choi Kang Chang-min also rarely mentions.

First, netizens said, "Is it wrong to reveal that Park Ji-hyun and Choi Kang Chang-min's wife are friends?" and "It was an innocent remark that I did not think was damaging, so it is not something to take issue with like this." On the other hand, fans of Max Changmin said, "You said you were a TVXQ fan, but didn't you know that Max Changmin himself was reluctant to mention his wife?", "Why did he mention Max Changmin's wife and sell the information and use it as an episode?", "I wish he would only talk about himself." A voice came out.

However, some of Choi Kang Changmin's fans mentioned that they were heartbroken when Max Changmin's wife's personal information was falsely spread and fake news circulated before they got married, and emphasized that such comments can be sensitive and sensitive. There are criticisms that Park Ji-hyun's remarks were careless in that they increased the possibility that Choi Kang Chang-min and his wife could end up in an unwanted relationship.

Max Changmin married a non-celebrity woman in October 2020. At the time of the marriage announcement, Max Changmin directly stated, "I have had a good relationship with the woman I am dating, exchanging faith and trust, and I have decided that I want to spend my future life with this person." Since then, he has refrained from mentioning his personal life as much as possible and has focused on TVXQ's activities.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google