Wonyoung Jang, cheer up!
Wonyoung Jang, cheer up!
I will go till the end.

Mr. Park, the operator of the YouTube channel 'Taldeok Camp', who is in a legal battle with the group I've Jang Won-young, objected to the loss, appealed, and then applied for a mandatory suspension of execution, claiming that the amount of compensation was too large. Although the legal battle is expected to be long, Jang Won-young's side says, "We will go until the end." Jang Won-young and Starship's platform shines even brighter amidst the actions of the plaintiff who refuses to admit his mistake and only finds a way to avoid it until the end.

On the 17th, Starship Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Starship) announced through an official statement that it had recently received a ruling in favor of some of the plaintiffs in the 100 million won damages lawsuit filed by Jang Won-young against the Taldeok concentration camp. In addition, the agency and individual Jang Won-young announced that they are simultaneously proceeding with civil and criminal lawsuits and overseas lawsuits against Taldeok Camp starting in November 2022. He then stated his position, saying, “I will hold them accountable until the end.”

However, Mr. Park from Taldeok Camp, through his legal representative, dissatisfied with the first trial ruling in the damages claim lawsuit filed by Jang Won-young and submitted an appeal. On the 23rd, he applied for a compulsory suspension of execution to the court, requesting a suspension of execution of the results of the lawsuit, saying, "The compensation amount of 100 million is too large." It is known that Mr. Park is claiming innocence, saying, “I cannot admit the charges.”

Accordingly, the legal battle between both sides is expected to be prolonged. The agency's position is that since it has achieved meaningful results, it will be judged by the law until the end. Starship said, "We are doing our best to hold them accountable in civil and criminal terms," and added, "We plan to take all possible legal measures without agreement in the future regarding cases of defamation of artists and additional damages."
Wonyoung Jang, cheer up!
Wonyoung Jang, cheer up!
Meanwhile, Jang Won-young's agency, Starship Entertainment, expressed its position in July last year, saying, "We will take strong legal action against malicious slander, false facts, personal attacks, defamatory posts, and malicious comments being spread online and on social media," and said, "We will take strong legal action against malicious comments and malicious comments being spread online and on social media." War against Rekka was declared.

At the time, Starship said, "It is a known fact that Taldeok Camp has seriously defamed our company's artist Ive members by continuously spreading false information and that this has interfered with our company's work," and added, "Starship is not aware of the authenticity and sincerity of Taldeok Camp's apology. “Regardless of this, we will hold the company fully accountable, civilly and criminally, for past illegal acts through ongoing litigation,” he emphasized.

Taldeok Camp is a representative 'Cyber Wrecka' channel that misled public opinion by piecing together difficult-to-confirm issues about various stars and hot topics as if they were the truth. As a result, many stars have suffered great psychological damage and have complained of pain.

However, not only were there no proper laws and regulations for such illegal activities through YouTube, but it was difficult to identify the operator because it was an overseas platform. Because of this, it was thought that no significant punishment could be imposed, but through persistent efforts, Starship achieved meaningful results, such as identifying the person's identity and proceeding with the lawsuit. In May 2023, an order to provide information was received from a U.S. court, and in July 2023, meaningful information was obtained from Google's headquarters in the U.S. about the operator of the Taldeok camp, leading to the capture of Mr. Park, the operator of the Taldeok camp.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google