Mnet VS, final stage today (22nd)
Mnet VS, final stage today (22nd)
Attention is focused on who will be the final winner of the mega-karaoke survival show 'VS'.

In Mnet's mega-karaoke survival show 'VS' (hereinafter referred to as 'Karaoke VS'), which is about to hold the long-awaited final stage on the 22nd, there are contestants born in 1989, including Lim Han-byul and Jang Woo-young, Giriboy, Kim Min-seok, Roy Kim, Park Jae-jung, Seo Eunkwang, Soyou, The growth of emerging producers made up of people born in the 90s, including Young K and Card the Garden, attracted attention. As the theme was about karaoke, which is loved by everyone regardless of age, the producers showed off fierce competition among karaoke vocalists, encompassing various genres such as ballads, K-pop, and hip-hop.

First, the team of Byeol So-yu (Soyou + Lim Han-byeol), who has experience as a vocal trainer in audition programs, experienced the pain of all team members except Hong Seung-min being eliminated in the original song collaboration mission, and Lim Han-byeol created a song that was perfect for Hong Seung-min for the semi-finals. They provided heartwarming support in both material and spiritual ways, such as making it and going on stage themselves.

The team of Roy Jeong (Roy Kim + Jaejeong Park), a former winner of 'Superstar K', is showing remarkable growth in the second act from audition participant to producer, showing excellent producing ability in every round. Using the vibe of an audition winner, they are presenting a customized stage with song selections that reflect the participants' personalities. After the semi-final stage, 'Even When Spring Comes', written and composed by Roy Kim, not only ranked 13th on the music site's HOT 100 chart, but also recorded the highest number of views among the semi-final stage, and was even ranked as a trending video on YouTube, proving its popularity. .

The Melo Day (Melomance Kim Min-seok + DAY6 Young K) team, which produces two finalists and is running on a double horse with Roy Jeong's team, is conveying emotion with songs that comfort the hearts of young people. The progress of Kim Min-seok, who is a strong supporter of the participants with his unique stable vocal skills as well as his soft charisma, and Young K, who is challenging his first regular entertainment show through 'Karaoke VS' and is garnering favorable reviews for his patented 'youthful sensibility' producing, is eye-catching. dazzle.

On the other hand, the team of Yeonggwang (Jang Woo-young + Seo Eunkwang), who unfortunately gave their last greetings, showed a lively mission as the only idol-turned-producer team in 'Karaoke VS'. The stage, which was perfect not only for its singing ability but also for its performance and narrative, provided not only the pleasure of listening but also the fun of watching. The Giri Garden (Giri Boy + Card the Garden) team also boasted the swag unique to ‘Karaoke VS’ with hip-hop between ballads. The sight of the participants naturally mingling with the audience on stage aroused interest as the unique color and composure of the Kirigaden team was felt.

The producer team of 'Karaoke VS', which has such diverse characteristics, is continuing its box office success with a new survival program, proving the generational change in the audition judges with outstanding producing ability that is hard to believe that the average age is 32 years old.

Meanwhile, 'Karaoke VS', based on the popular entertainment 'karaoke' that everyone has experienced at least once, ranked first in the same time slot in viewership ratings for men and women in 2049 for all episodes from the first episode to the semi-final, establishing itself as an entertainment show that resonates with all generations. did. (Mnet, tvN channels combined, based on AGB Nielsen metropolitan area general programming + paid broadcasting) Led by the popular producers who are currently dominating the music charts, the featuring corps of 17 members is completed with renowned artists such as TWICE's Jihyo, 10CM's Kwon Jeong-yeol, and Jeong-in. A total of 25 songs up to the semi-finals have been released as new music, providing the nation with more entertainment than ever before. The cumulative number of views on YouTube has also surpassed 100 million, solidly driving the upward trend of 'Karaoke VS'.

With only the final stage left, with a total prize of 100 million won, curiosity is rising as to who will emerge as the winner among the Byeolsoyou team, Roy Jeong team, and Meloday team. Also, attention is focused on who the winner will be that the producers discovered among karaoke masters from all over the country.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google