Dentist Lee Soo-jin, breast augmentation surgery “Injected more than 300cc”
Dentist Lee Soo-jin, breast augmentation surgery “Injected more than 300cc”
Dentist and broadcaster Lee Soo-jin shared her breast plastic surgery review.

On the 31st of last month, Sujin Lee posted on her personal YouTube channel, 'Breast augmentation surgery, lower eyelid surgery, lower eyebrow lift, Brazilian waxing, Y zone pigmentation management, Thermage, and Botox. A video titled 'I'm solving a story I've already tried, Yaburi ep.5' was posted.

In the video, Lee Soo-jin said, "That's when I started thinking about getting breast surgery, and then bikinis came out, and I wanted to go out and have fun wearing a bikini." He added, "I wanted to go to a tropical country, Thailand or Bali. In our country, bikinis come with all the padding on their own. However, luxury bikinis are only as big as the palm of your hand and are only a piece of cloth."

He said, "When I looked in the mirror while wearing a luxury bikini, something seemed to be missing. The most popular implant at the time was 275cc. I went to a hospital run by a senior at Seoul National University for consultation. He said 270cc was appropriate, but he asked me to put 300cc. The doctor said my eyes would be better. I looked straight at her and said, 'If your breasts are too big, you look ignorant,' but I said, 'It's okay. I'm a girl who has learned enough. I also graduated from Seoul National University. Please make sure to add at least 300cc.' I think I did the right thing at that time." did.

He said, "I went on a trip three days after the surgery, and for a week, I felt a rattle. For example, when I was driving a car, there was a rattle. Every time I went over the chin, it would rattle. If you look at the pictures from that time, you can see that there was a rattle on the desk. “I was eating with my chest up,” he recalled.

When the production crew asked, "Did you feel any pain after breast surgery?" Lee Soo-jin responded, "I felt sore for a week. It gradually got better." He continued, "According to the director's expression at the time, 'It feels like a rock is pressing right now, isn't it? After a while, the pebbles will press. A little later, the stones will press. After a while, the sand will press and it will fly away like dust,'" he shared his review.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google