Singer Lee Chan-won releases new song 'Twist Go Go'
Singer Lee Chan-won releases new song 'Twist Go Go'
Singer Lee Chan-won unveiled the stage for his new song 'Twist Go Go'.

The trot family, who properly inherited the excitement and talent in 'I like Tuesday night', gave viewers a pleasant laugh.

The 81st episode of TV CHOSUN's entertainment program 'Tuesday is Good at Night' (hereafter referred to as 'Fire Night'), which aired on the 22nd, recorded a nationwide rating of 5%, ranking first in the overall daily comprehensive program ratings. The highest viewer rating per minute rose to 6%.

On this day, the broadcast was featured as a special feature of 'Trot Gene', featuring Hong Ji-yoon's younger brother Hong Joo-hyun, Hong-ja's younger brother Park Ji-hye, Yang Ji-eun's cousin Yang Hyo-ri, Jeong Da-kyung's mother Jung Eun-sook, twin trot sisters Wink, and business brothers Jin-woong and Choi Dae-sung to decorate various stages.

Prior to the full-scale broadcast, the stage of Lee Chan-won's new song 'Twist Go Go' was released. The addictive melody and Lee Chan-won's voice, full of refreshing feeling, sniped at the taste of viewers properly, and saved the atmosphere of 'Fire Night' properly from the beginning.

Since then, Hong Ji-yoon and Hong Joo-hyun, Hong Ja and Park Ji-hye, Yang Ji-eun and Yang Hyo-ri, Jeong Da-kyung and Jeong Eun-sook, Wink (Kang Seung-hee and Kang Joo-hee), Jin-woong and Choi Dae-seong are 'Love is a Macchiato', 'Love Twist', 'Cocktail Love', and 'Can't Without You'. He appeared on the stage singing 'I'm alive', 'I like it', and 'I fell in love', revealing the energy and charm of 'you can't cheat blood' from taiyaki visuals to voice.

Hong Ji-yoon and Hong Joo-hyun showed the chemistry of 'steamed sisters' while constantly fighting. The two raised their hands at the same time to MC Boom's question, "Who do you think is prettier?" In response, Boom said, “This is why we collide. There are no two princesses in one family,” he said, drawing laughter. And Park Ji-hye, Hongja's younger sister, showed off her presence by perfectly presenting everything from Gollum's vocal mimicry to zombie's behavioral mimicry. Next, Yang Hyo-ri mentioned the enormous popularity of her cousin Yang Ji-eun during school days, and Jeong Da-kyung's mother, Jeong Eun-suk, captured the hearts of the cast with her girlish cute charm. Then, Wink Kang Seung-hee and Kang Joo-hee surprised everyone once again with the same look from visuals to voices and tastes.

Hong Ji-yoon, Hong Joo-hyun, Jeong Da-kyung, Jeong Eun-sook, Wink, Kim Tae-yeon and Eun Ga-eun were divided into the 'Boom Team', and Hong Ja-Park Ji-hye, Yang Ji-eun and Yang Hyo-ri, Kim Eui-young and Kang Ye-seul, Jin Woong and Choi Dae-seong were divided into the 'Jang Min-ho Team' and entered the 'Death Match'. , Jeong Da-kyung and Yang Ji-eun met in the first round. Yang Ji-eun performed a refreshing stage by selecting Yeon-joo Moon's 'Boyfriend' and received 98 points. Jeong Da-kyung sang Jeon Mi-kyung's 'Jang Noksu' with a deep emotion that was not shaken by Yang Ji-eun's exciting stage, and received 97 points.

In the second round, Hong Ji-yoon and Hong-ja faced each other. The two started a confrontation with the pride of 'Hong' in the music industry. Hong Ji-yoon took the lead with Geum Jan-di's 'You Are a Masterpiece', and Hong Ji-yoon, who literally sang passionately while receiving support from her younger brother, received 97 points. Hongja countered with Shinyu's 'Why did you live like that'. As it is a song to convey to her parents, Hongja's stage with all her heart touched the heart, and she received 100 points for stimulating Yang Ji-eun's tear glands.

In the third round, Kim Tae-yeon and Kim Eui-young faced each other. Kim Tae-yeon, who gave a big blow to Kim Ui-young in the game of 'Of course', sang a selection of Jang Yoon-jung's 'Sewolah', and aroused admiration with her refreshing singing ability. MC Jang Min-ho praised, “Kim Tae-yeon did Kim Tae-yeon,” and this stage received 99 points. Kim Eui-young selected Seo Ju-kyung's 'Brave Woman', which fits perfectly with 'Capsaicin Voice'. From singing to dancing, they completed a flawless stage and received 96 points.

In the fourth round, Eun Ga-eun and Choi Dae-seong played a game. Choi Dae-seong asked Eun Ga-eun, “Chin Chin” in the game of “Three Lines Poetry”, “Was it ‘Eun’ Ga-eun? 'Ga'eun-ah, 'eun' will I succeed?", and Kang Joo-hee, who winked, said, "You're unlucky!" Eun Ga-eun took the lead with Park's 'Breakfast', and despite her poor physical condition, Eun Ga-eun made the best stage with pleasant stage manners and received 100 points. Choi Dae-seong, who selected Na Hoon-a's 'You!', received 96 points for performing a knee-deep performance immersed in the song.

In the 5th round, Hong Joo-hyun and Kang Ye-seul met. Kang Ye-seul said, "I picked her because she was so pretty," and Hong Joo-hyun said, "You seem prettier than your sister (Hong Ji-yoon)," exchanging compliments, creating a warm atmosphere. Hong Joo-hyun set up an emotional stage with Geum Jan-di's 'The Person Who Makes Me Live' (OST ver.). The stage that even her sister Hong Ji-yoon was satisfied with, from the deep emotional lines to the clean high notes, received 97 points. Kang Ye-seul selected Hong Jin-young's 'Wi-Fi of Love' and received a score of 99 for a refreshing stage full of loveliness.

In the 6th round, the 'lucky round', Wink and Jinwoong faced each other. Jinwoong selected Seol Undo's 'Please Be My Lover', showing off his heavy cave voice, and received a score of 99, causing laughter with a greasy performance. Wink sang Seoul Family's 'Now'. Wink, which is said to challenge a male and female duo's song for the first time, received 96 points for its eye-catching dance performance and perfect coordination from the start. With Jin-woong's victory, 'Jang Min-ho's team' won +2 points and a lucky ticket.

The 7th round was a confrontation between Jeong Da-kyung and Jeong Eun-sook and Hong Ja and Park Ji-hye. Jeong Da-kyung and Jeong Eun-suk received 100 points for their lovely stage that sang Yoon-jung Jang's 'Oh My God' and caused a smile. In particular, Jeong Da-kyung's mother's high-quality singing skills were surprising. Hongja and Park Jihye sang Wink's 'Ulsu'. It gave a sense of joy with an exciting stage that made the shoulders of the viewers shake, but only scored 94 points.

In the last eight rounds, Kim Tae-yeon, Eun Ga-eun, Yang Ji-eun, and Yang Hyo-ri scrambled. Kim Tae-yeon and Eun Ga-eun selected 'Eldest Daughter' and received a score of 99, revealing the charm of a sweet and aegyo girl that fits the lyrics of the song. Yang Ji-eun and Yang Hyo-ri set the stage with Saesam Trio's 'Naseong Mask'. The stage, which started with Yang Hyo-ri's extraordinary determination, "I will win as if I'm in the game," brought everyone together as if it were the last, and received 99 points.

At the end of all 'death matches', 'Team Minho Jang' took the lead with a score of 3 to 5, and 'Team Minho Jang' won with a final score of 3 to 9 as the lucky ticket drawn from 'Team Minho Jang' scored '+4 points'.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter
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