Lee Jang-woo, strike declaration with Kwon Yuri, "I'll go right away" to Baek Jong-won's marbled appeasement
Lee Jang-woo, strike declaration with Kwon Yuri, "I'll go right away" to Baek Jong-won's marbled appeasement
Actor Lee Jang-woo showed off his 'sou-chef' look in 'tvN Business Genius Sandy Beach'.

In the tvN entertainment program 'Business Genius Sandy Beach', which aired on the 11th, Baek Jong-won, Girls' Generation's Yuri, and John Park continued their business challenge targeting Naples, Italy.

The local reaction of 'Taleo Gukbap' was explosive. Lee Jang-woo calmly converged amidst the influx of guests and prevented a huge turnover. Lee Jang-woo, who saw that each of them did their job well, boosted the morale of the employees, saying, “Even though it is difficult, no one breaks the bowl.”

However, Lee Jang-woo and the staff struggled with the endless dishwashing hell and serving. Baek Jong-won, who saw this, delivered the news that tomorrow would be closed, and Lee Jang-woo once again devoted himself to business to the extent that his eyes widened before planting.

Later, at the settlement time, Lee Jang-woo, who heard the turnover rate doubled compared to the previous day and the tremendous sales of 1,955 euros, was amazed and moved by clapping his hands with the hard-working employees.

Lee Jang-woo, who wanted to rest when the first holiday of 'Baek Bangers' came, looked at Baek Jong-won and asked about today's schedule. In fact, he had accepted the business, saying, "Take a little more," when Baek Jong-won suggested that he open a business for the evening the previous day and receive only 10 teams. Lee Jang-woo, who fell for the big picture of the white sandy beach, went shopping with Kwon Yuri with a sullen expression on the deleted holiday.

Lee Jang-woo, who tasted the sunny weather, rebelled with Kwon Yuri and declared a strike. The two fugitives enjoyed the streets of Naples to the fullest and felt relaxed. Lee Jang-woo, immersed in the romantic atmosphere, evoked the atmosphere with a witty remark to Kwon Yuri, saying, “Let’s go on a date.”

Lee Jang-woo, who was enjoying his leisure time, blinked his eyes at Baek Jong-won's appeasement that he was grilling marbled beef, and replied, "I'll go right now, bro." The appearance of Lee Jang-woo, who inhaled marbled beef and soybean paste stew with eyes that said he was happy to come back, drew salivation and laughter from the viewers at the same time.

The new menu of 'Baekbanjip' was selected as Budaejjigae, Japchae, and oven corn cheese. When Kwon Yu-ri was worried about the slightly empty street, Lee Jang-woo boasted, “Come to the house where you stand in line as soon as you open the door.” As soon as it opened as expected, customers flooded in, and Lee Jang-woo once again showed off his sharp merchant side, saying, "Look, I'm coming right in."

Lee Jang-woo not only plays the role of the main chef who does his part in the endless dishwashing and food preparation, but also captures the attention of viewers with a sense of entertainment, such as directing a niche romance.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google