Singer Hyolyn provides free concert tickets for fans
Singer Hyolyn provides free concert tickets for fans
Artist Hyorin is holding a big event for fans.

On the 18th, the management company Bridge announced the holding of the event 'This is Summer' through the official SNS channel.

This event, which runs until the 31st, uses Hyorin's new song 'This Is Love' as the background music to share the memories of the summer of 2023 with photos or videos of 'What is this summer', 'Hyorin', and 'This is love'. Just upload it to your personal social media with the hashtag 'This is what'.

In particular, special gifts will be presented to the winners of this event. Hyorin is expected to present another unforgettable time to fans who have shown their passionate memories by providing tickets to performances scheduled to be held in the future through a lottery.

With the benefit of concert ticket presentation, domestic and foreign fans are drawing attention, and details on participating in the event can be found through the agency's Bridge SNS channel.

Various types of challenges are popular among the general public, including the 'What is this love?' challenge with artists such as Jay Park, Youngji Lee, Yeongyeong Kim, Eric Nam, Eunji Lee, Euni Song, Sook Kim, Junghoon Choi of Jannabi, Soyou, Hyuna, and Jooheon of Monsta X. As much as they are doing it, Hyolyn's surprise event is also expected to receive great attention following the new song craze.

On the other hand, Hyolyn recently made her debut as an MC by presenting her new content, 'The Blessing of Meeting is Endless'.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter translated by google