Shownu, I thought you were just sexy
Shownu, I thought you were just sexy
Group MONSTA X's Shownu has been selected as a new model for the natural clean beauty brand I'm from.

On the 17th, I'm From released an image with Shownu and announced the news of the model selection.

The published image captures the attention at once as it contains Shownu's deadly visual posing with a product in both hands along with casual styling that matches a blue jacket with a white T-shirt.

In the image, Shownu thrilled global fans with a smile brighter than the summer sun. Shownu's smooth and transparent flawless skin, unique fresh atmosphere, and refreshing smile harmonized to create a perfect pictorial that maximizes the clear and clean naturalism sensibility that the brand pursues.

A brand official said, "The healthy energy and trust that Shownu gives us was selected as a model because it matches the image the brand has built up to customers and the brand slogan 'Including nature."

Starting with the news of this selection, Shownu plans to continue various activities as an exclusive model of I'm From and exert a strong influence as a 'global trending idol'.

I'm From is expected to hold various campaigns and photo card events with the new muse Shownu.

Meanwhile, Shownu formed Monsta X's first unit with member Hyungwon. They released their first mini album 'THE UNSEEN' on the 25th of last month and are actively promoting with the title song 'Love Me A Little'. 2' as a fight judge and continues to play an active role.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia translated by google